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Exercise 35 (Revision.)

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Fill in the blanks with the appropriate article where necessary.

1. He lives in___south of___Australia. 2. In his novels Jack London, ___ famous American writer, described___life of___poor. 3. It seemed to him that nothing would break such___peaceful silence. Suddenly there was___scream, then___second and___third.

4. Can you play___guitar? 5. He came in one morning when we were having___dinner on___terrace of___ hotel and introduced himself. 6.___world tour costs ___lot of money. 7. Did he fail you? What___surprise! 8.1 don't believe you. I think you're telling ___lie.

9. Did you have___lovely time in___ Hague? 10. It was ___ early evening but I was feeling sleepy so I decided to have___nap. 11. He made___gross mistake.___ economists can't make such___mistakes. 12. Have___ look at the sky. It looks like___rain, 13. She'll have___

swim and return in___quarter of___hour. 14. I'll have to convince him that I'm telling___truth. 15. He wasn't used to driving on___left. 16.___Christmas Eve is on ___ 24th of December, 17, Don't worry, we'll get___home before___sunset. 18, I'd like to have___ sandwich

with___sausage for___breakfast, 19. My favourite subject at___school was___biology. 20. He knows___ history of___French Revolution well. 21. To tell___ truth, I didn't expect to find___ homeless man here. 22. It's___ high time you stopped being so selfish. 23.___earth goes round ___sun. 24.___Lombard Street in___City of London is___centre of___banking in Great Britain. 25,___Queen Elizabeth___II won't speak on___radio tomorrow, 26.___English Channel

is between___Great Britain and___France. 27.___ Trafalgar Square is ___ geographical centre of ___ London. 28. When___student, Jane spent two years in ___Europe. 29.___Pacific is___ largest ocean on our planet. 30. Have you ever been to___Museum of___ Fine Arts? 31. Show me___Bermudas on this map, please. 32.___Mississippi is___longest river in ___USA.

33. One of my classmates entered ___ Moscow State University last year. As for me, I chose___Higher School of___Economics. 34 ___Urals are old and not very high. 35. We are just taking___first steps into___ space.___universe is still terra incognita for us. 36.___.

Russians have ____ wonderful folk song tradition. 37. Why don't you eat with___knife and ___fork? 38. They've been waiting to hear from him all___month. 39. We met on___wet Monday in___June. 40. Look out!___cat is on___TV! 41.___Queen Elizabeth had

___dinner with__ President Clinton. 42. lie was elected ___President in 1996. 43. Mr. Smith, „___ engineer of Black &Co.,returned from his trip to____Malta. 44. He sat to his letter to___ Sun, 45. Mary was talking with ___Dodges who were sitting near the fire-place. 46.1

saw___beautiful Goya in Milan once. 47, He locked at me from___head to____toe. 48.1 fought for.___freedom, for the brotherhood of___man, 49. He is___very sociable man. He always has many invitations to___ dinner, 50. On___one hand,___facts he presented are true, but

on___other hand, I can't trust them. I know he often tells___lies. 51. He fell in love with her at___ first sight. 52. Don't take my words close to___heart. 53.___ Moscow of 1950's is not___Moscow of___1990's.


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