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I. Before listening ask students to try to guess the meanings of the following words and word combinations from the text, giving, first, their synonyms or explanation in English, and then, if they can’t guess themselves, give the translation of the words.

to carry out - to do a particular piece of work (выполнить, завершить, провести);

discoverysomething that is found, or something new that is learned (открытие);

nephew a son of your brother or sister, or a son of your husband’s or wife’s brother or sister (племянник);

quarrel an argument (ссора);

fortune 1) a large sum of money;2) good luck (судьба, фортуна; богатство, состояние);

iron a hard heavy metal that is used for making steel (железо);

powerful with a lot of physical strength or force (сильный,мощный, могущественный);

dynamite – a substance that is used for causing explosions (динамит);

to explode to burst with a lot of force and a loud noise, or to make something do this, usually in a way that causes a lot of damage (взрываться, взрывать).

II. Ask students to give synonyms or close meanings to the following words and word combinations (this task is given for advanced students, week level students may be asked to guess the meaning of this words in Russian)

industrialista person who owns or runs a factory or an industrial company (промышленник, фабрикант);

bankrupta person who is officially admitted bankrupt (someone who has no money and cannot pay he owes (банкрот);

to manageto succeed in doing or dealing with something, especially something difficult or something that needs a lot of effort (управлять, заведовать; справляться, уметь обращаться);

idealistsomeone who is idealistic (идеалист);

cheerful – behaving in a happy friendly way (веселый, жизнерадостный);

sad – feeling unhappy (печальный);

mankindall humans considered as a single group. Some people avoid using this word because it seems not to include women, and they use humankindinstead (человечество);

native landthe country where you were born (отчизна);

explosivea substance or object that can cause an explosion (взрывчатый);

explosion an occasion when something such as bomb explodes (взрыв);

peacetimethe time when a country is not involved in a war (мирный);

weapon something that you use to fight with or attack someone with, such as a knife, bomb or gun (оружие);

landminea bomb hidden in the ground that explodes when someone walks or drives over it (мина);

plenty a lot or enough (изобилие, избыток);

skillthe ability to do something well, usually as a result of experience and training (мастерство, искусство, сноровка);

imaginative - creative, able to produce new, different, or exciting ideas (одаренный воображением);

luck – success that you have by chance (судьба, удача, счастье);

will – what someone wants to happen (воля, желание);

outstanding – extremely good or impressive (выдающийся);

promotion – the activity of encouraging or supporting something (продвижение; содействие, поощрение).

Macmillan Essential Dictionary, International Student Edition,

Paul Falla Collin Howlett, The Oxford Russian Dictionary, Oxford-Moscow


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