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Weather Forecast

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Two men were travelling in a very wild part of America. They did not see any houses but only tents where Indians lived. One day the men met an old Indian who was sitting near his tent. He was smoking. The Indian was a hunter and knew everything about the forest and the animals living in it and many other things. He could also speak English rather well.

"Can you tell us what the weather will be like during the next few days?" one of the two travellers asked him.

"Oh, yes," he answered. "Rain is coming, and wind. There will be snow for one or two days, but then the sunshine will come again and the weather will be fine.»

"These old Indians know more about the world than we with all our knowledge of physics, maths and other sciences."

"Tell me," he asked, "how do you know all that?'

The Indian answered: "I heard it over the radio."

T. Polyakova, E. Sinyavskaya, Moscow, 2007

Listening comprehension

  1. They traveled in a wild part of America.
  2. They met an old Indian.
  3. The old Indian was sitting near his tent and smoking.
  4. The men asked the Indian about the weather during the following few days.
  5. The old Indian knows everything because he listens to the radio.

6. The weather forecast are made up now with the help of satellites.


b) to retell the story:

c) to reproduce the situation in a dialogue:”You are the Indian. Tell your friends about the incident, using active vocabulary.” (students like to do this task, to dramatize the dialogue in parts, imaging that they are sitting near the fire.., so encourage them to create the situation).



We advise to refresh new words from the previous lesson, doing this exercise: ask students to match the words and their suitable definitions given below; if they have some difficulties, ask them to translate from English into Russian to check their knowledge of the words:

Prominent, to be expelled, fortress, science, scientist, scientific, founder, nuclear, to establish, incredible, to devote to, defence, entirely, technology, common knowledge, to transmit, to prove, to disprove, capable, to list.

tomention or write things one after another to list (вносить в список);

something that everyone knowscommon knowledge (общеизвестный);

well-knownprominent (хорошо известный, выдающийся);

to be officially forced to leave a place, organisation, or schoolto be expelled (быть исключенным, изгнанным);

to able to do somethingcapable(быть в состоянии, мочь);

a strong building used for defending a placea fortress (крепость);

to prove that something is not correct to disprove (опровергнуть);

the study and knowledge of the physical world and its behaviourscience(наука);

to provide evidence that shows that something is trueto prove (доказать);

advanced scientific knowledge, that is used for practical purposes technology (техника, технология);

someone who is trained in science a scientist (ученый);

to send an electronic signal such as a radio or telephone signalto transmit (передавать, сообщить);

relating to science, or based on the methods of science scientific (научный);

a person who starts an organization or institution founder (основатель, учредитель);

relating to energy that is produced by changing the structure of the central part of an atomnuclear (ядерный);

completely entirely (всецело, совершенно);

to make something to start to exist or start to happen to establish (учредить, установить);

protection – defence (защита);

surprising or difficult to believeincredible (невероятно, неправдоподобно);

to spend a lot of time or effort doing something to devote to (посвятить).

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