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Have you ever wondered if the weather affects your mood and behaviour? If you have, then you're right! The way you think and feel can actually change depending on the weather.

Many people complain of feeling 'down' or having 'the blues' in winter. This may be because there isn't as much sunshine in the winter and our brains respond to natural light. In

Britain, for example, many people suffer from SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder) which makes them tired and bed-tempered because there is little sunshine in the often grey and cloudy United Kingdom.

Of course, we all know that a bright, sunny day can make us really cheerful and put us in a good mood. In New York City, however, the police blame hot weather for rises in crime. During heat waves in the summer crime levels rise as people get angry and aggressive because of the change in temperature.

Some scientists have discovered that low air pressure can cause people to have problems concentrating and make them forgetful. So, if you're the kid or person that's always forgetting where you've left your house keys, blame it on the weather!

What about the wind? Does it drive you mad? It actually could be making you crazy! Strong and constant winds really can get to you. Children tend to be more troublesome in school and behave badly when it's windy. Another result of windy weather is that there are more traffic accidents. Therefore you should also take extra care while driving.

So, next time you watch the weather report it could even predict your mood for the day!


1.The article is about …

Apredicting the weather Вhow the weather changes how we feel

Csickness caused by the weather Dchanges in the seasons

2. People in Britain are said to suffer from SAD in the winter because …

A there isn't a lot of sunshine Вthere aren't many clouds

Cthey are tired Dtheir brains don't respond

3. Summer heat waves are blamed for …

Apeople becoming forgetful Вcar accidents

Ccrime levels getting higher Dmaking it difficult to concentrate

4. If you are forgetful, it could be because …

Aof rain Вof a heat wave

Cof low pressure in the air Dof no air pressure

5. During windy weather children might …

A have more traffic accidents Вbe more careful at school

Cbe more tired Dnot be well-behaved

6.The writer suggests that when it's windy …

Ateachers should close the windows

Вdrivers should be more careful

Cpeople should take care crossing the road

Dchildren should try to be happy


You are going to read a newspaper article about a work of art. Some words are missing from the text. Choose the most appropriate word from the list (A-M) for each gap (1-10) in the text. There are two extra words that you do not need to use.

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