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Choose the most appropriate answer from the options (A–D) for each gap in the text. There is one example (0) at the beginning.


One of the concerns (1)… parents (2)… about home education is that children

(3)… become isolated, without the chances for social interaction a school provides. Educational psychologists (4)…parents to do all they can to make sure their children have adequate opportunities for socialising with all sorts of children of all different ages. It (5)… children confidence and security, (6)… an ability to think (7)… themselves.


  A B C D
1. many a lot a lots of a plenty of
2. rise have risen arouse raise
3. are able to could might have manage to
4. insist suggest will make advise
5. gets makes gives has
6. as soon as as long as as well as as much as
7. to for on after



You like to watch TV. Write a message (60–80 words) to your friend describing different kinds of programmes.

• What kinds of TV programmes do you usually watch?

• Which of them are your favourite? Why?



Read the text and complete the sentences (A-E) with the correct programme heading (1-5)

1. Extinction

This programme looks at several animals close to extinction and questions why they are now in danger. We are taken to the habitats of these different animals and shown why their survival is threatened.

2. Changing skies

In this excellent series we look at how the changing weather patterns in different continents are affecting the way the people live and how they have to adapt.

3. Natural power

This is an award-winning documentary that traces man's efforts over the centuries to use natural energy resources such as wind and wave power. We look at the first windmills and watermills in several regions.

4. A day in the life

This unusual programme compares the lives of villagers in a Third World country with villagers in the UK and studies how they both deal with the environmental issues.

5. Drive me

A special programme which reveals the range of options available to people who wish to purchase cars that are kinder to the environment.


AIn __________we can learn historical facts.

ВIn __________we can find out about how to buy something in an environmentally-friendly


CIn __________we can see different attitudes to the environment.

DIn __________we can see how nature is affecting our lifestyle.

EIn __________we can learn about the reasons for certain natural problems.


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