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I. READING. Some of the British holidays are described below

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Some of the British holidays are described below. Match the holidays (A–E) with the descriptions (1–5).

This holiday is celebrated in June. It is the official birthday of the Queen, when there is a military parade. Every regiment has its own flag (flag = colour) and each year a different regiment’s colour is paraded in front of the soldiers.

On the Thursday before Easter people in Britain collect money for the old.

Every autumn in October or November, the Queen travels to the Houses of Parlia­ment in the Irish State Coach and delivers her speech in the House of Lords.

On November 5, 1605 a group of Catholics wanted to blow up the House of Lords. They put 36 barrels of gunpowder in the cellars of the building. They were discovered, arrested and hanged. People celebrate the fact that the plot failed by going on torch­light processions, burning the “guy” and making a huge bonfire.

This is a festival celebrated on October 31st. The name of the holiday means holy evening because it happens the day before All Saints Day. Children go around in the neighbourhood dressed up as witches, ghosts or skeletons and say ‘trick or treat’ and get sweets, chocolate, fruit or money. The traditional colours of this festival are orange and black. People put carved pumpkins in front of their doors.


BGuy Fawkes’ Day

CRoyal Maundy

DOpening of Parliament

ETrooping the Colour


Read the text and then select the correct answer A, B, C or D

Although doctors have been warning about the dangers of cigarettes (1) … over fifty years, the number of people who smoke is still very high. These people are not (2) …; they do worry (3) … their health; they know the risks they are (4) … with their lives. They also realize how much money they are (5) … on cigarettes, yet they still find it almost impossible to give them (6) … . Smoking is also much more socially unacceptable now. A lot of people are (7) … smoking in public places – I personally can’t (8) … sitting next to a smoker in a restaurant, and I just don’t go into (9) … bars anymore because I know what the air will be like. But we have to remember that most smokers do want to stop. Instead of criticising them, perhaps we should give them a (10) … .

  A B C D
1. from for since during
2. funny silly sensitive ambitious
3. about over with around
4. doing making having taking
5. earning making wasting saving
6. in up out to
7. again a gain against above
8. mind stand say like
9. crowded blocked filled packed
10. help ham hold hand


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