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I. Reading

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Read the text and choose the best answer (A–D) to answer the questions (1–5).

In 1983, Howard Schultz was visiting Italy. In Italy he noticed people sitting at coffee

bars sipping their coffee and talking. He wondered whether Americans, too, would like to

sit in relaxing coffee bars, sipping good coffee and talking with their friends. Schultz returned

to the United States and tried to convince his bosses to turn Starbucks, which at

that time was a company that sold whole coffee beans, into a chain of coffee bars. They did

not like the idea. Schultz then began to approach potential investors. Within a year, he had

raised $1.7 million, and by April 1986, he had opened his first coffee bar. A year later,

Schultz offered to buy Starbucks from his old bosses. They ended up selling him the company

for about $4 million.

Schultz’s success in the coffee business has been quite remarkable. Sales are projected to

reach $1 billion by the end of the decade and Starbucks expects to have 2,000 outlets. But the

road to success was not an easy one for Schultz. The new Starbucks company lost money in each

of the first three years of operation. Schultz said that he “cried a lot. But we had tremendous

conviction1 that this was the way to build a company and that the losses were going to end.”

It is interesting to note that Howard Schultz attributes some of his success as an entrepreneur2

to a book called Jacob’s Journey, by Noah ben Shea. Here is a quote from that

work: “Strength is not the absence of weakness but how we wrestle with our weakness.”

Taken from “Economics in Our Times”

1 conviction – переконання

2 entrepreneur – антрепренер


1. From which continent did Howard Schultz trу to apply an idea in the United States?

AAfrica CSouth America

BAsia DEurope


Before Starbucks became a chain of coffee bars, it ...

Asold coffee that was not yet ground.

Bsold coffee with special flavours.

Csold canned coffee in supermarkets.

Dexported coffee to other countries.


3. Why did Schultz say he “cried a lot”?

AHe was very happy with his new business.

BHe wanted to sell his business.

CHe lost money the first three years in business.

DHe didn’t know what to name his company.


4. A year after opening his own coffee bar, Schultz bought his old bosses’ business.

This meant he ...

Awas making an investment to build his business.

Bwas not losing any money.

Cwanted revenge on his bosses.

Dspent too much money on his bosses’ business.


1.   2. 3. 4.



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