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Read the text and match the statements (1–8) to the paragraphs (A–D).

AThe Dove Hotel, Paddington

Today’s traveller quite rightly expects the highest standards of quality and comfort.At the Dove you are unlikely to be disappointed. Our hotel is located a few minuteswalk from 5 underground lines as well as from local bus stops. The Heathrow Expressprovides direct access to Heathrow in 15 minutes from Paddington Station.

BSunset Hotel, Bayswater

Situated in a very popular location for shopping and entertainment. The hotel isopen 24 hours a day and all rooms have private bathrooms, colour TV and direct dialtelephone. The hotel is opposite Whitley’s indoor shopping centre in Queensway, andonly a few minuteswalk from Kensington Gardens, where you can take a walk and relaxclose to nature.

CQueen’s Hotel, Earls Court

Queen’s Hotel is a small friendly hotel in the Kensington area. The hotel is locatedclose to Earls Court Exhibition Halls 1 and 2 and Olympia Exhibition Halls with theirmany shows ranging from business to boats! It’s a perfect location for groups travellingto London on a limited budget. The prices are so reasonable you’ll want to tell everyoneabout it.

DThe George Hotel, Kings Cross

The George Hotel has 35 rooms all with central heating and tea and coffee makingfacilities.Private or shared bathrooms are available. The family run hotel has a ‘home fromhome’ atmosphere, clean comfortable rooms and many satisfied customers. The enormousEnglish breakfast will keep you going until dinner-time!

Adapted from: www.bbc.co.uk

1.You can prepare something to drink in the room.

2.It’s close to shops.

3.You won’t be cold in your room.

4.It’s close to the underground.

5.It’s near a park.

6.It’s cheap.

7.It offers rooms of different standard.

8.It offers luxury accommodation.


Read the text and then select the correct answer A, B, C or D


A land of (1) _____ distances and rich natural resources, Canada became a self-governing (2)_____ in 1867 while retaining (3)______ to the British crown. Economically and technologically the nation has developed (4)_____ with the US, its (5)_____ to the south across an unfortified (6) _____. Its paramount political problem continues to be the (7)______ of the province of Quebec, with its French-speaking (8) _____ and unique culture, to the remainder of the country.

  A B C D
1. vastly beautiful vast small
2. region nationality domain dominion
3. threads ties tied family
4. on parallel in parallel parallel of parallel
5. pupil neighbour sister cousin
6. line border bordering frontier
7. related relation paternity relationship
8. peoples residings residents inhabitant


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