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Choose the correct words to complete the story.

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  1. All the sentences in this exercise are about the future. Put the verbs into the correct form: Future Simple or Present Simple.
  2. Ambiguous words
  3. B) Choose one of these sections and make up a short story.
  4. b) With a partner, choose one of the following situations. Prepare your part in the conversation for 2 minutes, then have the conversation.
  5. Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.
  6. Choose the response which fits the situation.


My friend Mary and I were chatting (1)… and she was saying how terrible she was at cooking. I (2) … to go round to her house and teach her how to make a couple of dishes.

The (3) … week I went over to her place and we made a couple of really nice dishes. While we were eating, I (4)… smelt something burning. We went into the kitchen and there was a pan on fire. I had (5) …turned up the gas instead of turning it off!

We put the fire out quite (6) …, but the kitchen was a mess! I apologised, (7)… Mary was really annoyed and she didn’t speak to me for (8)… !


Athen Bwhile Cone day Dwhen
Ainvited Bsaid Casked Doffered
Anew Bprevious Cafter Dfollowing
Aquickly Bsuddenly Chardly Dslowly
Ahardly Breally Cfalsely Dstupidly
Aquickly Bsuddenly Cimmediately Dimportantly
Abut Bhowever Cthough Dalthough
Aweeks Bmonths Clong Dnow



Write an email (35–45 words) to your friend who wants to know more about the

city where you live. Include the information:

• the name of the city, its location;

• an interesting thing about its history;

• things to see or to do there.




Read the brief newspaper articles. Match the headlines (A–E) with the articles (1–5).

Hurricane Jeanne blasted ashore in Florida with drenching rains and 120 mph wind, tearing off rooftops, hurling debris through the air and sending huge waves crashing into buildings on Sunday as it hit the same area battered by Frances three weeks ago.

The first U.S. presidential debate this week and a load of data on consumer spending will settle some questions that have been hanging over U.S. stocks, and equity strate­gists, and traders say the decreased uncertainty could draw buyers back to the market.

Israeli helicopter gunships destroyed a metal workshop in a Gaza Strip refugee camp on Sunday, the latest attack in a cycle of violence threatening to complicate Israel’s planned pullout from the territory.

Actor Martin Sheen did some reallife politicking for a congressional candidate who used to work on his television series “The West Wing.”

Serena Williams erased a match point in the second set and came all the way back to beat U.S. Open champion Svetlana Kuznetsova 4-6, 7-5, 6-4 Sunday at the China Open for her first title in six months.

ATelevision star in politics

BTorrential rain and storm blast again

CDebate to settle stock issues

DFormer champion beaten

EViolence threatens expected pullout


Choose the most appropriate word from the list (A–H) for each gap in the text (1–8).

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