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Choose the response which fits the situation.

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  1. B) Choose one of these sections and make up a short story.
  2. b) With a partner, choose one of the following situations. Prepare your part in the conversation for 2 minutes, then have the conversation.
  3. Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.
  4. Choose the correct words to complete the story.
  5. Choose the right answer.
  6. Choose three words from vocabulary and give their definitions.

44. —Did you hear his speech on the radio last night?
— Yes, I did.

1. —What are you thinking of it?

2. —What do you think of it?

3. —What's about?

45. —How are you feeling?

— I am very tired.

1. —Also me

2. —So am I.

3. —For me the same.

46. —Why are you so nervous?

— I am taking my driving test today.

1. —Good chance!

2. —Good luck!

3. —Best regards!

47. How big is your group? 1. —Them are seven.

2. —We are seven.

3. —It is seven people.

48. Can you see any people in the shop?

1. —Only a little.

2. —Not much.

3. —Only a few.

TEXT I. (optional)


The Civil Service is concerned with the conduct of the whole range of governmental activities as they affect the community , ranging from policy formulation to carrying out the day-to-day duties of public administration.

Civil servants are servants of the Crown. For all practical purposes the Crown in this context means and is represented by the go vernment of the day. In most circumstances the executive powers of the Crown are exercised by and on the advice of Her Majesty's Ministers, who are in turn answerable to the Parliament. The Civil Service as such has no constitutional personality or responsibility separate from the Government of the day. The duty of the individual civil servant is first and foremost to the minister of the Crown who is in charge of the department in which he or she is serving.

Recruitment to the Service is by open competition and the system of promotion within the Service is on merit. A change of minister, for whatever reason, does not involve the change of staff. The functions of the civil sevants remain the same whichever political party is in power.

Ministers sometimes appoint special advisers from outside the Civil Service. This practice has a long history. Special advisers are usually paid from public funds, but they are not permanent officials and their appointments finish when the Government's term of office ends, or when their minister moves to a different department or leaves the Government.


Answer these questions:

1. What are the functions of the Civil Service?

2. What does the term 'Crown' mean in this article?

How are the executive powers exercised?

3. Whom does the Civil Service serve?

4. Whom does an individual civil servant report to in his /her day-to-day work?

5. How are civil servants recruited and promoted?

6. Does the staff leave the department when the Minister resigns?

7. What experts are invited to help the Ministers outside the Civil Service? On what terms are they recruited?


TEXT II. Read this text:

Stress is a natural part of living. Crossing a road, going to a party, driving a car, these are all stressful activities. We live in a fast-moving age, so we must learn how to relax properly. Here are some of the most common symptoms of stress: sleeping badly, poor appetite or overeating, drinking too much alcohol, difficulty in concentrating.

How do you deal with these problems? The average business person often has no time to sit down and think the answers over. But if you want to survive, you have to know how to cope with stress. So, here is a guide to reducing the level of stress in your life.

First, take up a hobby, if possible, an active outdoor activity. You won't worry about your problems when you are concentrating on a hobby that really interests you.

You must take plenty of exercise. This will keep you fit and should also help you to sleep better.

At work, it's important to make lists of tasks that you need to complete during the day. Write down your thoughts and ideas on paper. Learn to say 'no' even to your boss, if you think that colleagues are unreasonable. And, finally, don't forget that laughter is the best medicine.

Start this new action plan today and you'll find, within a surp risingly short time, that stress at work and at home is no longer the problem it was.


Complete the following sentences, using the information in the

1. One way to keep fit is to ...........

1. sit and think about it.

2. take much exercise.

3. stop eating

2. High blood pressure and heart disease are .................

1. symptoms of stress.

2. not very dangerous.

3. cannot be avoided.

3. A good way to reduce stress at work is ....................

1. have a drink.

2. take up some hobby.

3. try to forget stressful situations.

4. If you follow this new action plan, .........................

1. you will become very rich.

2. you will manage to cope with stress.

3. you will be laughing all the time.


III Course

I —II Terms


Choose the correct answer. Only one answer is correct.

1. We knew that this company ... in giving us a discount.

1.isn't interesting

2.did not interested

3.wasn't interested


2. In my friend's flat (есть много) built-in furniture.

1.there are many

2.has much

3.there is much

4.it is much

3. ...you discussed the latest news yet?




4. You ...just to Rome, tell us about your impressions:

1.have been




5. —Must I open my suit-case?

— No, you ... , it's OK.


2.must not

3.need not


6. The office manager... us why we had sent the enquiry so late.





7. Don't stay in this hotel, it's the...in the city.





8. Ann won't go to bed until the children ... .

1.come back

2.came back

3.will come back


9. Nobody ... remember the address of the hotel we had stayed at last year.


2.could not

3.was not able to


10. ... you go to Brighton when you were in England?





11. Mrs. Dunn ... on the phone for 20 minutes now.

1.is speaking

2.has spoken

3.has been speaking


12. Father ... a newspaper when I entered his study.


2.has read

3.was reading

4.has been reading

13. Before Richard went there he ... some business matters with his director.


2.had discussed

3.was discussed

4.must discuss

14. If the components ... delivered earlier we might have been able to start work on time.

1.might have been

2.would have been


4.had been

15. Some important transactions ... lately, they say.

1.are concluded

2.have been concluded

3.were concluded

4.are concluding

16. He (пришлось) read a lot of books to make this report.

1.was able to

2.was to

3.had to


17. He (не разрешат) to attend this ceremony.

1.won't be able

2.may not

3.won't be allowed

4.won't allow

18. We (должны были) meet at 7 p.m., but he was late.

1.were to


2.had to



19. You are listened to with great attention.

1.Вы слушаете с большим вниманием.

2.Вас слушают с большим вниманием.

3.Вас слушали с большим вниманием.

4.Вы слушали с большим вниманием

20. The visitor wanted us to clarify the matter.

1. Посетитель хотел уточнить вопрос.

2. Посетитель хотел , чтобы мы уточнили вопрос.

3. Хотелось , чтобы посетитель уточнил вопрос.

4. Посетителю хотелось уточнить вопрос с ними.

21. She is ... asked now.

1. been

2. being

3. had

4. having

22. The writer is reported to have published his book.

1. Писатель сообщил, что он опубликовал свою новую книгу.

2. Писателю сообщили, что его книга опубликована.

3. Сообщают , что писатель опубликовал свою новую книгу.

4. Сообщили, что книга писателя опубликована.

23. We sent а telex to their firm (указав) the exact weight of the


1. stated

2. stating

3. having stated

4. having been stated

25. ... the equipment we saw some faulty parts.

1. Testing

2. Being tested

3. Having been tested

4. Tested

26. I hope he does not make us ... .

1. to wait

2. wait

3. for waiting

4. waited

27. When the post ... , I'll bring it to your office.

1. will arrive

2. arrives

3. is arriving

4. is going to arrive

28. These documents arrived on Thursday, ...?

1. arrived they

2. didn't there

3. didn't they

4. weren't they

29. We are looking forward ... you at next year's conference.

1. to see

2. to seeing

3. seeing

4. that we will see

30.Try to avoid ... to this person.

1. to talk

2. talking

3. asking

31. The Sellers offered a 5% discount ... the price.

1. from

2. on

3. to

32. The Buyers agreed to pay by a Letter of Credit ... shipping documents.

1. against

2. after

3. by

33. The manager showed the customers round the plant for them to have a better idea of the ... of their products.

1. message

2. range

3. change

34. A contract is drawn up to give legal ... to the intentions of the partners.

1. expression

2. impression

3. extension

35. A contract guarantees that the ... contained in it will be fulfilled .

1. negotiations

2. obligations

3. transactions

36. I have made an ... with Mr. Smith at 10 a.m.

1. appointment

2. meeting

3. solution

37. I hope this catalogue will help you to have some idea about the .... of our products.

1. expense

2. quality

3. change

38. A.... manager deals with buying goods.

1. sales

2. works

3. purchase

39. Our prices are ...., that's why our goods are in great demand .

1. comparative

2. constructive

3. competitive

40. We wish to ... the demands of our clients.

1. meet

2. achieve

3. promote

41. A personnel manager deals with the .... of the staff.

1. reconstruction

2. recruitment

3. restoration

42. The Public Relations department deals with the .... of the firm.

1. image

2. volume

3. money

43. If I have legal problems I consult my .... .

1. customer

2. producer

3. lawyer

44. The main idea of marketing is '.... is always right'.

1. customer

2. Manager

3. supplier

45. It's difficult to get .... at this time: all the hotels are booked .

1. sensation

2. position

3. accommodation

46. We have just .... a big order with their firm.

1. done

2. signed

3. placed


Read the article and answer the questions:


The 34 countries round the Pacific Basin and the 23 island states in its 70 million square miles account for than half the world population and half its total wealth. The Pacific Basin has 21 per cent of the world's oil resources, 63 per cent of its cotton, 87 per cent of its natural rubber and 94 per cent of its natural silk. There are more than a thousand languages in the region and some of the richest religious and cultural traditions in the world.

In recent years, Taiwan has had the fastest-growing economy in the world. South Korea expects to be the fifteenth richest country in the world by the year 2000. And China is a vital and potentially vast new market. As these countries start to manufacture more complex products, they require more advanced technology.

The leader in this area has, of course, been Japan, which has exported not just its goods and services, but also its business expertise to the rest of the world. Following Japan's example, South Korea too is moving ahead at a speed that keeps costs, productivity and product quality one step ahead of the competition.

The reasons behind the growth of manufacturing in these Pacific nations are similar. They all have educated and skilled labour force, willing to work long hours.

Strategically located on trade routes vital to both East and West, the Pacific Basin has enormous potential , as the West is beginning to realize.

47. The two countries which have fastest-growing economies are ... .

1. Japan

2. Taiwan

3. South Korea

48. The country which offers a large market is ... .

1. China

2. South Korea

3. Taiwan

49. The number of countries in the Pacific Basin is ...

1. 34

2. 23

3. 57

50. The reason behind the growth in manufacturing in that area is ... .

1. cheap raw materials

2. skilled labour force

3. rich cultural traditions

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