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Choose the right answer.

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  3. b) With a partner, choose one of the following situations. Prepare your part in the conversation for 2 minutes, then have the conversation.
  4. B. Put the following in the right order, then rewrite the letter in paragraphs adding a salutation and your name.
  5. Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.
  6. Choose the correct words to complete the story.
  7. Choose the response which fits the situation.

1. Can ... of you help me?

a) some, b) any, c) somebody, d) anybody.

2. This translation is twice as ....

a) easy, b) easier, c) the easiest, d) much easier.

3. We ... two compositions this month.

a) write, b) wrote, c) were writing, d) have written.

4. I had a feeling that somebody ... there before.

a) is, b) was, c) has been, d) had been.

5. She won't see him ... he phones her.

a) except, b) after, c) unless, d) because.

6. ... only one theatre and two cinemas in this city ten years ago.

a) there is, b) there was, c) there are, d) there were.

7. My watch....

a) stops, b) has stopped, c) have stopped, d) stop.

8. Do you know when he ... ?

a) comes, b) will come, c) shall come, d) come.

9. I don't have any pets. Neither ....

a) she does, b) does she, c) is she, d) does she have.

10. His parents didn't let him ... TV late.

a) to watch, b) watch, c) watching, d) watched.

(10 points)

Read the text below. Complete the spaces (1-7) with the correct form of the words in capitals.


People often dream about being rich and (1) but in reality this is not as (2) ____________as it seems. In fact, it can be quite the opposite! Just have a (3) ______________ or handsome face which everyone recognizes causes many problems. If you go out, one (4) _______________ move can result in being attacked by enthusiastic fans, so you have to hide your (5)_________ at all times if you do not want this to happen. Bodyguards can be (6)_______________ in that. But, eventually you realize the (7)_______________ truth you are no longer able to do (8)_______________ what you would like to!   (1)FAME (2)DESIRE (3)BEAUTY (4)CARE (5)IDENTIFY (6)HELP (7)PAIN (8)EXACT

(8 points)

Put the verbs into the right tenses.

A. My little brother (1 be) really nasty. On my birthday last weekend, for example,

he (2 eat) nearly half of my birthday cake. Then he (3 write) all over my school

books. Finally he (4put) a big black spider into my bed.

B. John: Hi, there, Louise, where you (5 go)?

Louise: Home. I (6 study) for the exam tomorrow.

John: Why don’t you come for a coffee? I (7 meet) Mike t four thirty and then

we (8 go) to the cinema at five o’clock.

Louise: Oh, I can’t, John. Teresa (9 come) for supper this evening and then we

( 10 revise) together.

John: That’s boring! I (11 not/go) to school tomorrow. I (12 be) ill!

(12 points)

4. Change each sentence so that it means the same as the first.

1. “Where is the book?” she asked.

She wondered________________

2. Tom said, “I’ll do it.”

Tom said ________________

3. My attic is above the sitting room.

My sitting room is ____________

4. I have a headache.

I wish_____________

5. Alice will translate the text.

The text ___________________

(5 points)

Put the right article where necessary.

1. At __end of __ meal we were served ___ desert.

2. ___ vegetables are ___ great source of __ vitamins.

3. Nick stopped at __ bank to cash __ check.

4. Everyone wants to take ___Professor Polly’s class.

5. Why don’t we go to __ lunch together.

(10 points)


Situations for discussion (8 Form)

Nobody knows you better than you yourself. Introduce yourself.

a) Are you a friendly person?

b) Do you have many friends?

c) What are your positive |negative qualities?

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