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Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.

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Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense (present simple or present continuous).


Ginny is a swimmer. She ___________ (go) swimming four or five days a week. She usually __________ (get up) early and ___________ (practice) before school.

At weekend she often __________ (swim) in competitions. Her dad ____________ (take) her in the car, and she _________ (not get) home until late.

Today it’s Saturday, But Ginny _____________ (not swim). She’s at a party. Her friends ____________ (laugh). They ___________ (eat) sandwiches at the table. But Ginny _________ (not sit) with her friends. She ___________ (dance) with a new boy. It’s a good party.



Choose one of these verbs from the box to complete each sentence. Use the present simple or the present continuous.


My children ______________ very hard because they have an exam at school tomorrow.

Look at that skirt that Lizzie ____________. Isn’t it beautiful?

________________ (you) in the notebooks during the class?

Don’t disturb John. He_______________ a big football game on TV:

Compaq is an American Company. They __________ computers.

______________(he) that I am suitable for the job?

Things are really great. Our business _______________.

Arthur must be really tired. Look! He ___________ like a baby on the sofa.

I _____________ very well with my new boss.

HP _____________ a new advance type of printer.



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Present Perfect Continuous| Translate the words given in brackets using Present Continuous.

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