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Full Title Diamond-Like, Carbon Coated Magnetic Heads for Recording and Reading Information Tech Area / Field

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INF-SIG: Information and Communications / Sensors and Signal Processing

MAT-CER: Materials / Ceramics

CHE-SYN: Chemistry / Basic and Synthetic Chemistry

Brief Description of Technology
We have developed the technology and equipment for the sputtering of Diamond-like-carbon (DLC) coatings on the working surfaces of magnetic heads (video and audio) to improve their exploitation properties: to increase wear-resistance, to reduce the friction coefficient of head against tape, to increase the serving life of magnetic information carrier and improve the quality of information recording and reading. Special procedures are used in this technology to obtain good a adhesion of the coating to the head surface, and a high quality surface (relief is about 1- 1.5 nm).

The deposition takes place at sufficiently low temperatures (up to 60 °C), and the technology is highly productive and cheap. The technology and equipment has been developed, in part, according to the orders of foreign companies. Now the videorecorders with DLC coated heads are widely suggested.

We propose the further development of this direction of investigation. The main aims are the further reduction of a friction coefficient of head against tape, and the further increase of a head wear-resistance combined with a high-quality input signal. The last is a significant problem since DLC coating reduces the signal. Our recent results show that the aforementioned problems can be solved by means of special technology for the formation of a monomolecular fluorine organic compound layer and an alternative thickness DLC coating on the working surface of the head.

Legal Aspects
We have the Russian patent, "Magnetic head" No. 2071125, dated May 26, 1993.

Special Facilities in Use and Their Specifications

Scientific Papers
V. L. Arbuzov, I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, V. B. Vykhodets, A. E. Davletshin, S. A. Plotnikov, V. A. Nazarov, "Magnetic Head," Russian Federation Patent No. 2071125 (Dec. 27 1996).

I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, V. B. Vykhodets, V. L. Arbuzov, S. A. Plotnikov, A. E. Davletshin, "DLC coatings for video heads," Book of Abstracts of the 7th European Conference on Diamond, Diamond-like and Related Materials, Tours, France, No. 11.135. (Sept. 8-13, 1996).

V. L. Arbuzov, V. B. Vykhodets, I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, A. E. Davletshin, O. M. Bakunin, S. A. Plotnikov, J. H. Lee, S. J. Kim, B. S. Chung, "The use of STM for investigation of surface relief in respect to tribologic properties of DLC coatings," Journal de Physique IV, colloque C5, supplement au Journal de Physique III, V.6, pp. C5-185-C5-188 (1996).

A. E. Davletshin, S. A. Plotnikov, V. B. Vykhodets, I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, V. L. Arbuzov, "The effect of DLC coating on the properties of magnetic audio heads," Journal of Chemical Vapor Deposition, V.4, pp. 113-116 (1995).

I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, S. A. Plotnikov, V. B. Vykhodets, V. A. Pavlov, G. A. Raspopova, "Modification of amorphous diamond-like films by bombardment with low-energy ions," Diamond and Related Materials, V.5, pp. 943-946 (1996).

V. L. Arbuzov, A. B. Vladimirov, V. B. Vykhodets, A. E. Davletshin, S. A. Plotnikov, I. Sh. Trakhtenberg, A. P. Rubshtein, S. D. Gorpinchenko, E. V. Kuzmina, "Practical use of strength and anticorrosion properties of amorphous carbon thin films," Diamond and Related Materials, V. 3, pp. 775-778 (1994).

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