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ACTIVE VOCABULARY. Ask students to guess the meaning of the following words and word combinations, giving them synonyms or close meanings of them:

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Ask students to guess the meaning of the following words and word combinations, giving them synonyms or close meanings of them:

Prominent, to be expelled, fortress, science, scientist, scientific, founder, nuclear, to establish, incredible, to devote to, to defend, defence, entirely, technology, common knowledge, device, valve, to transmit, to prove, to disprove, capable, ahead of, to list.

prominentwell-known (хорошо известный, выдающийся);

to be expelledto be officially forced to leave a place, organization, or school, for example, because of their bad behaviour (быть исключенным, изгнанным);

fortressa strong building that is used by soldiers for defending a place (крепость);

sciencethe study and knowledge of the physical world and its behaviour, that is based on experiments and facts and is organized into a system (наука);

scientistsomeone who is trained in science, especially someone whose job is to do scientific research (ученый);

scientificrelating to science, or based on the methods of science (научный);

foundersomeone who starts an organization or institution (основатель, учредитель);

nuclearrelating to energy that is produced by changing the structure of the central part of an atom=atomic; nuclear power/energy (ядерный);

to establish to make something to start to exist or start to happen; to start an organisation or a company (oсновать,учредить);

incredible1)surprising or difficult to believe, 2) great, extreme, or extremely good (невероятный);

to devote to – to spend a lot of time or effort doing something (посвятить) ;

to defendto protect someone or something (защищать);

defenceprotection (защита);

entirelycompletely, or in every way (всецело);

technology– advanced scientific knowledge that is used for practical purposes, especially in industry (технология, техника);

common knowledge – something that everyone knows (общеизвестный);

devicea machine or piece of equipment that does a particular job (прибор, устройство);

valvesomething that opens and closes in order to control the flow of the air or liquid (лампа);

to transmitto send an electronic signal such as a radio or telephone signal (передавать);

to proveto provide evidence that shows that something is true (доказать);

to disproveto prove that something is not correct or true (опровергнуть);

capable of(doing)smth. – able to do something (способный к чему-либо);

to listto mention or write things one after another (вносить в список).

Macmillan Essential Dictionary, International Student Edition.


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