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Difference between CV and Resume.

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A résumé is a document that provides the background and skills of an applicant. Resumes are a short summary of the applicant’s skill and experience when it is relevant to the post. Resumes are often short, usually 1 to 3 pages. The main purpose of a résumé is to direct the employer’s attention to the skills, education and experience that may be relevant to the job that is being applied for. A résumé is actually a shorter version of a CV and is more popularly used when it comes to job applications.

A curriculum vita (CV) is a document that provides the details of an applicant. It provides an overview of a person’s experience and qualifications. This document gives a clear and concise history of the person in approximately 2-5 pages. The term ‘curriculum vitae’ is a Latin expression that translates as “course of life.” A curriculum vita (CV) is a document that provides the details of an applicant. The contents of a CV change depending on the country in which the person applying a job. For example, UK requires a CV to be short, usually two pages, and hence it contains limited information such as summary of past employment, qualifications, summary of education and a little personal information. In the US and Canada, a CV is usually longer, from 2-5 pages depending on the applicant.



Igor Gavrilov

4, Gercena str. 28,

Kyiv, Ukraine , Tel.(home)- 0567890562
Tel (mob)- 0507985423
igor- gavrilov@gmail.com

Date of Birth: 25.08.1998


Objective:to obtain a position of an engineer

2005-2011 Kyiv State Technical University Department; Engineering Specialty :Bachelor's Degree in Education
1994-2005   Kyiv Secondary school № 56
Work experience  
10.2011 – till now Company "Rosneft" Position- Head of Service of Manufacturing Custom Equipment. Activities and responsibilities: manage the production of service of manufacturing custom equipment. Control and technical maintenance of production metal parts.
03.2010 - 10.2011 PLC "Rosneft" Position - Engineer-constructor Activities and responsibilities: Schematic drawing metal parts for different equipment, technology of metal processing for the manufacture of metal parts.
Work experience  
06.2007 - 03.2010 Gazprom : Position-Engineer-constructor Activities and responsibilities: constructor documentation of Installation Electric Submersible Pumps - Electric Submersible Pumps (18-400 cubic meters per day), electric asynchronous motors, protector.
Skills MS Word, Excel Typing, Compas 3d. Languages; Russian- native speaker, English- fluently,German-beginner.
Interests   Football, Volleyball, Basketball, Reading, Internet.
References Available upon request

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