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Task 7.Watch the dialogues Successful Job Interview.

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This list of questions below is designed to serve as a guide so that you are not taken by surprise.
1. What are your strengths?
2. What are your weaknesses?
3. What are your short term goals?
4. What are your long term goals?
5. What do you want to be doing five years from now?
6. If you could change one thing about your personality, what would it be...
7. What does success mean to you?
8. What does failure mean to you?
9.. Are you an organized person?
10. In what ways are you organized and disorganized?
11. Do you manage your time well?
12. How do you handle change?
13. How do you make important decisions?
14. Do you work well under pressure?


Can you describe yourself in five words?

What would you most like to change in yourself?

What is your motto?
What skills and abilities will you have for your future job?

Task 8. Listen to the following dialogue and complete the missing words. Then check your answers with a partner.

- Please have a seat, Mr. Saunders. I received ______a few weeks ago, and I must say I'm very impressed.
- Thank you.
- We're a small financial company, trading mostly stocks and bonds. May I ask why _______working for us?
- Your company has an impressive reputation. And I've always wanted _____ a smaller company.
- That's good to hear! Would you mind telling me a little bit about your______ ?
- I'm a head broker in a large international company. I _____ on a daily basis, handling all aspects of their accounts personally.
- Why do you think you are ________ for this position?
- I have a lot of experience in the stock market. And I enjoy working with people. As a matter of fact, in my current job ________ a team of eight brokers.
- Well, you might just be the person we've been looking for. Do you have any questions?
- Yes. If I were hired, how many accounts would I be handling?
- You'd be working with two other head brokers. In other words, you'd ______ about a third of our clients.
- And who would I report to?
- Directly to me.
- I see. What kind of ______ do you offer?
- Two weeks of paid vacation in your first year of employment. I believe you're also eligible for medical and dental insurance. But this is something you should discuss with our personnel department. __________________?
- No, not at the moment.
- Well, I'll have to discuss your application with _______, and we'll get back to you early next week.
- OK, thanks, it was very nice to meet you.
- It was nice meeting you, too, and ______ coming in today.

Task 9. In the dialogues below there is one word missing in each question and each answer. Find the words and write them in the correct place.
1. A. What you do?

B. I am lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions.

2. A. What kind of work do you do?

B. I work a doctor in the pharmaceutical industry.

3. A. What do you do a living?

B. I work advertising.

4. A. What you doing at the moment?

B. I am working a project to improve the design and functionality of our website..

5. A. Is it 9- to – 5 full job?

B. Yes, it is , but I am a short-term contract – just for one year.

6. A. How do you deal a customer who has a serious complaint?

B. If it is an important customer, I prefer to go to their office and talk to them to face.

7. A. Who is charge of security in the building?

B. We don`t really have one person responsible that, but the reception staff check everyone who comes in.

8. A. Who do you repot?

B. My line is Mr. Steward Wer Brain.

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