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VI. Give missing derivatives (nouns, verbs, adverbs and adjectives) from these words and translate them.

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Verb Noun Adjective Adverb
to travel      


V. Discuss:

1)The impact of globalization has on tourism industry.

2)The impact of Internet development has on the travel and tourism industry.

3)Pros and cons of travel and tourism industry.

4)Economic implication of travel and tourism industry for countries and people.



UNIT 4. Means of Tourist Promotion

I. Words and word combinations:


to retain утримувати; підтримувати
fringe benefits пільги
to cause бути привідом, мотивом
to overcome подолати
bias seasonal bias мати поганий вплив на когось сезонні тенденції
to extend поширювати
to spread поширюватися; розповсюджуватися
retail роздрібний продаж
to advertise повідомляти, оповіщати; рекламувати
advertising реклама; рекламування
advertisement реклама; оголошення
a feature особливість, характерна риса
facilities будівлі; виробничі об'єкти
amenities втіхи, задоволення
familiarization озанйомлення
to generate спричиняти, викликати
income спричиняти, викликати
brochure брошюра
word of mouth з вуст у вуста
to influence впливати

II. Read the text and be ready to do the tasks:

Tourist Promotion


There have been three aims of most tourist promotion in the last few years.

The first has been to retain the established market of people for whom travel is a normal form of recreation.

The second purpose of tourist promotion has been to increase the size of the market. In order for tourism to grow, it is necessary to attract people who would not have travelled much until the last few years.

It is significant for tourism that trade unions now fight for fringe benefits for workers such as longer paid holidays and shorter work weeks. A three-day weekend would almost certainly cause an increase at least in domestic tourism.

The third goal of tourist promotion has been to overcome what might best be called its seasonal bias.

In many countries, summer is the traditional vacation season. In France, for instance, the summer vacation has extended even to the shutting down of many stores and small businesses. Hundreds of thousands of Frenchmen leave Paris in August for the south of France or for destinations outside the country. Winter vacations have been heavily promoted to spread tourism more evenly throughout the year. There has been a big increase in facilities for winter sports. Ski resorts have sprung up which attract not only the wealthy to re­sorts in Switzerland, but also the office or factory workers who want to get out on the ski slopes for a winter weekend. Many different organizations are involved in tourist promotion. They include tourist bureaus, the transportation companies, tour operators, retail travel agents and individual hotels or hotel chains. Through their tourist offices, governments do a great deal of travel promotion, both in the form of advertising and publicity.


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