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Fill in the correct word derived from the words at the end of the sentence.

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a) What can we do to reduce ……….. of the atmosphere? pollute
b) The change in the climate has produced ………. floods. terror
c) Many of gases produced by factories are ……. to our health. harm
d) Exhaust fumes have ……… effects on the environment. damage
e) Protecting the environment is essential to our ……… . survive
f) The rising cost of crude oil in 2008 quickly altered ………. habits. drive
g) The greenhouse effect is the main cause of global….. warm

4 Answer the questions on the text:

1) Why is the car the biggest polluter?

2) What encouraged extravagant car use?

3) What attempts were made to reduce air pollution?

4) Do people realize all the consequences of extensive car use?

5) How can we characterize ecological situation in big cities?

6) What are the possible solutions to air pollution problem?


Translate the text from Russian into English.

T e x t 1D

Приведение транспортной инфраструктуры

В соответствие с окружающей средой

Инженеры, занимающиеся разработкой транспортной системы, должны учитывать не только нужды клиентов, но и уделять больше чем когда-либо внимание охране окружающей среды. Сегодня неизбежны расходы на оценку и регулирование воздействия транспорта на окружающую среду, а также на борьбу за снижение уровня шумов и других загрязнений, источником которых является транспорт. Чтобы снизить отрицательное воздействие на окружающую среду, необходимо создать принципиально новые конструкции основных средств передвижения – автомобилей, поездов, самолетов и морских судов.



Work in pairs or groups.

a) A: You want to build a new motorway in your city to solve traffic problem.

B: You object to it.

b) A: You want to provide some opportunities for cyclists to ride around the city.

B: You are a driver and you object to it.

c) A: You want to construct a new park next to B’s house.

B: Persuade him not to do that.



Points for discussion.

a) Observe environmental problems caused by transport activities.

b) Think of some consequences of the environmental problems. Use the 1-st and 2-nd Conditionals and don’t forget about modal verbs.

E x a m p l e:If the average temperature increases it might lead to flooding.

If there were no ozone layer we would die of skin cancer.

c) We often hear the words “harmful effects of civilization on nature”. What do they mean? Illustrate the results of harmful and helpful influences of human contacts with nature.

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