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Choose the correct noun to complete the phrases with do

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100 mph 50 sit ups a favour business duty good harm homework the cleaning the dishes


1. Excuse me, could you do me _________ and watch my bags for a moment?

2. I'm afraid I can't come. I'm going to do my _________ after school.

3. I like doing _________ with Jack.

4. I usually do _________on Saturday Morning.

5. Sue cooks but I do _________.

6. I usually do about _________ in the morning.

7. I don't think you did any _________.

8. I was doing _________ when the policeman stopped me.

9. I think his help did a lot of _________ for the children.

10. The soldier does his _________ to his country.





Giving directions

9 Derby Cathedral

16 Eagle Centre

24 Queen’s Leisure Centre

30 Council House

Ex. 1

Look at a map of the city of Derby, UK. Copy the sentences below, putting in the correct

Prepositions of place.


1. The bus station is (opposite/next to/in) the Crown Court.

2. Eagle Centre Market is (on/at/in) the Eagle Centre.

3. The Guildhall is (in/near/opposite) the Market Place.

4. The Eagle Centre is (on/in/at) the centre of Derby.

5. The Derby Ram Statue is (up/on the corner of/behind) East Street.

6. Queen’s Leisure Centre is (behind/near/next to) Derby Cathedral.

7. The Riverside Gardens are (behind/near/next to) the Council House.

Ex. 2

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