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3.1 About Business – What quality means - 3.1

1. value for money used to say that something is worth what you pay for it, or not worth what you pay for it соотношение цена-качество
2. planned obsolescence when a product is deliberately made so that it will soon be replaced by something more fashionable or more technically advanced, this is done so that people will want to buy new things more often Запланированое ания устарелость устаревание
3. white goods equipment used in the home, for example washing machines and refrigerators Бытовая техника
4. taken-for-granted expected to have when you need it and without realizing how important or useful it is Принятый как должное
5. to become obsessed with / obsession to start thinking or worrying about something, which stops you from thinking about anything else / an extreme unhealthy interest in something or worry about something Становиться одержимым / навязчивая идея, одержимость
6. lean manufacturing an operational strategy oriented towards economic production with as less as possible waste of money and resources Безотходное производство
7. to fake a commitment to pretend to work hard and be loyal to your company when one is really not подделывать заинтересованость / отдача симулировать преданность делу
8. the a price of admission to most markets Something that company does in order to get permission to enter the market “Плата” за вход на рынок
9. TQM = Total Quality Management the way of controlling and organizing the work in the company so that the quality of products and processes are continuously being improved общее управление качеством
10. enchanting quality a quality which makes a product very pleasant and attractive like no other необычно хорошее (безупречное) очаровующее качество


3.2 Vocabulary – Quality and standards - 3.2

1. to be in the eye of the beholder saying different people find different things beautiful (or high-quality) and the differences of opinion don't matter greatly на вкус и на цвет товарищей нет
2. fragile easily broken or damaged хрупкий
3. shoddy made or done cheaply or carelessly низкосортный, дрянной
4. disposable intended to be used once or for a short time and then thrown away предмет одноразового использования
5. flawed spoiled by having mistakes, weaknesses, or by being damaged бракованный
6. heavy-duty strong and thick and not easy to damage сверхпрочный
7. flimsy not strong or well-made, and will break easily хрупкий/ непрочный
8. scratched damaged by a small cut of on the surface поцарапанный
9. statutory requirements rules and norms that are fixed or controlled by law нормативные требования
10. Kaizen Japanese word for continuous improvement in general way кайдзен (непрерывное, постоянное улучшение деятельности)


3.4 Speaking – Delivering presentations - 3.4

1. Make or break something that can lead to either success or failure пан или пропал
2. visual aids something such as a map, picture, or film that helps people understand, learn, or remember information наглядное пособие
3. lack of signposting a situation when information is difficult to notice and understand недостача задания ориентиров
4. a collocation the way in which some words are often used together, or a particular combination of words Словосочетание \ сочетание слов
5. acronym a word made up from the first letters of the name of something such as an organization (e.g. nato is an acronym for the north atlantic treaty organization) Аббревиатура \ звуковая аббревиатура
6. Just to digress a moment to talk or write about something that is not your main subject только для того, что бы отклониться на чуть-чуть от темы
7. I must emphasize that… to make something more noticeable я должен подчеркнуть что
8. to consume / consumption to use time, energy, goods etc / the amount of resources that are used or the amount of product which is bought and used потреблять/ потребление
9. to allocate a budget to separate a certain amount of money from budget for something Выделить, распределить бюджет
10. presentation outline a short plan of a presentation with the main points that are covered in it краткий обзор презентации


3.5 Writing – Procedures and instructions

1. to turn upside down to cause a lot of change and confusion in a situation or in someone's life переворачивать вверх дном
2. to be consistent with terminology to correspond or comply with the technical words or expressions that are used in a particular subject соответствовать терминологии
3. in the right sequence in the order that something happens, or the order it is supposed to happen в правильной последовательности
4. to split info into chunks to divide or separate something into different parts or groups, or to be divided into different parts or groups разделять информацию на блоки
5. rounded edge an edge of an object with a round shape закруглённый край
6. at the rear of at the back part of an the object, vehicle, or building сзади / позади
7. to assemble / assembly diagram to put all the parts of something together / a plan that shows exactly how something should be put together собирать, формировать / диаграмма сборки


3.6 Case Study – Zaluski Strawberries

1. to ripen after harvest to become a fully grown and ready to eat fruit after it was gathered Поспевать после сбора урожая
2. a supermarket chain with outlets a number of supermarkets with and shops through which products are sold owned or managed by the same company сетьевой супермаркетов с точками розничной торговлиреализации
3. to extend shelf life to increase the length of time that a product, especially food, can be kept in a shop before it becomes too old to sell увеличивать срок хранения
4. a wastage rate the amount that is lost or destroyed уровеньпотерь материальных средств
5. bulk the main or largest part of something or wholesale Большая часть чего-либо, опт
6. allied with to be related to something or to be very similar Объединенный сблизкий, родственный с чем-то
7. unrivalled quality quality which is better than any other Непревзойдённое качество
8. to decay to be slowly destroyed by a natural chemical process, or to make something do this гнить, портиться
9. squashing / to squash to press something into a flatter shape, often breaking or damaging it раздавливать, сжимать


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