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About Business - Accountants

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1. forensic accounting Accounting relating to the scientific methods used for finding out about a crime судебная бухгалтерия
2. in form of litigation In a form of the process of taking claims to a court of law в форме судебного процесса
3. law enforcement agency An establishment which makes sure that the law is obeyed судебный исполнительный орган
4. to gather evidence To collect facts or signs that show clearly that something exists or is true собирать доказательства
5. bribery charges an official statement made by the police saying that they believe someone may be guilty of taking money or gifts illegally to persuade them to do something обвинение во взяточничестве
6. financial dispute case a question or problem with finance that will be dealt with by a law court Судебное дело о финансовых спорах
7. suspected fraudster someone who has committed the crime of deceiving people in order to gain something such as money or goods Подозреваемый мошенник
8. tax evasion The use of illegal methods to pay less tax or no tax at all уклонение от уплаты налогов
9. scam a clever but dishonest way to get money мошенническая проделкаафера
10. white-collar crime Crime in which people who work in offices steal money from the company they work for должностное преступление


7.2 Vocabulary – Financial documents and regulation

1. bank statement a document sent regularly by a bank to a customer that lists the amounts of money taken out of and paid into their bank account Выписка со счета
2. profit and loss account a financial statement showing a company's income, spending, and profit over a particular period Баланс прибылей и убытков
3. balance sheet a statement of how much money a business has earned and how much money it has paid for goods and services Баланс (официальный документ)
4. cash flow statement a statement showing the movement of money coming into a business as income and going out as wages, materials отчёт о движении денежных средств
5. inflow / outflow of money Cash flowing into or out of business from all sources over a period of time приток / отлив денег
6. cash receipt A printed document that produced by a company each time cash is received for goods or service. Кассовая квитанция
7. current / fixed assets land, buildings, or equipment that a business owns and uses оборотный капитал / материальные активы
8. liabilities the amount of debt that must be paid Пассивы
9. payroll the total amount of wages paid to all the people working in a particular company or industry фонд заработной платы, платежная ведомость
10. depreciation a reduction in the value or price of equipment Амортизация


7.4 Speaking – Communicating in meetings

1. to stick to the agenda To keep talking about problems or subjects that organization etc is planning to deal with придерживаться повестки дня
2. to admit to agree unwillingly that something is true or that someone else is right Признать
3. to be rude speaking or behaving in a way that is not polite and is likely to offend or annoy people Быть грубым
4. tweaking on smth to work on a project continually Продолжать работать над чем-то беспрестанно
5. Let’s go over what we have decided Let’s repeat something in order to explain it or make sure it is correct Давайте повторим, что мы решили
6. Does that make sense? Does it have a clear meaning and is easy to understand? Это логично?
7. to be resistant opposed to something and wanting to prevent it from happening Сопротивляющийся
8. joint ideas and decisions Unite ideas with decisions Соединенные идеи с решениями
9. temporary continuing for only a limited period of time Временный
10. to oppose group policy to disagree with a way of doing something that has been agreed and chosen by the group Противостоять политике группы


7.5 Writing – Minutes

1. minutes an official record of the proceedings of a meeting Протокол (собрания)
2. fortnight / fortnightly Two weeks/ that which lasts two weeks две недели/ двухнедельный
3. office layout the arrangement or plan of the office Планировка офиса
4. expenses claims Demand for the refund for some payments Заявка на возмещение расходов
5. to express concern about To state that you worry about something Выражать беспокойство чем-то
6. full partition Thorough distribution or division of something Полное распределение
7. venue the place in which a cause of action takes place место проведения
8. an attendee a person who is present at a specified event Участник (конференции), слушатель (курса)
9. detailed cost breakdown the act, process, or result of calculating paying attention to details Детальная калькуляция
10. to chase up late payers to remind people who don’t pay in time that they have outstanding bills Преследовать должников


7.6 Case Study – Car Glazer

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