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1.1 About Business – The education business - 1.1

1. alumni network a group of people who graduated the same university сообщество выпускников
2. to reinforce an unequal system to support and make stronger a system which is unfair because some people get advantage over others укреплять систему неравенства
3. coveted spot most desirable places to be (here to study) наиболее желаемое место
4. admissions committee a group of people who decide whom to allow to enter university приемная комиссия
5. cutthroat competition a situation in which people are competing with each other in an unpleasant way ожесточенная конкуренция
6. prestige of the campus the land and buildings of a university or college, including the buildings where students live which is highly admired and respected престиж университетского городка университетский городок
7. stellar test scores extremely good result of a test прекрасный, выдающийся результат теста
8. aptitude (test) a test that measures your natural skills or abilities тест на способность (на умения)
9. fee for tuition the money you pay for being taught оплата за обучение
10. to sift through applicants to choose candidates among those who applied отсеивать абитуриентов


1.2 Vocabulary – Education and career - 1.2

1. to acquire skills get abilities of doing something very well through studying получить навыки
2. to obtain grants To get an amount of money given to someone, especially by the government, for a particular purpose (here for studying) получить стипендию
3. to win scholarship to win an amount of money that is given to someone by an educational organization to help pay for their education in some contest выиграть академическую стипендию (грант на обучение)
4. to subsidize studies to pay part of cost for studying Частично финансировать обучение
5. to exceed annual objectives to do more than planned this year превышать годовые цели
6. to take a sabbatical to take some period off your work to travel or learn something new (usually especially about someone in university job) взять академический отпуск
7. to be made redundant to leave your job because your work is no longer necessary быть уволенным по сокращению
8. to give in your notice to inform somebody about something tell your employer that you will be leaving your job soon сообщать, уведомлять сообщить об уходе
9. to be on assignment to have a business trip быть в командировке
10. to be suspended to be asked to leave your job for a short period of time быть временно отстраненным от должности


1.4 Speaking – Giving reasons in interviews - 1.4

1. reasonable questions questions that can be asked in a particular situation, because they are relevant приемлемые вопросы
2. besides used when adding another reason кроме того
3. as regards used when telling what the problem you’re going to talk about relates to по отношению, что касается
4. as far as as far as I know/see/remember - used to say that when you think that something is true, although it is possible that you do not know or remember all the facts or cannot remember completely посколькунасколько, насколько я помню
5. for one thing… and for another in the first place, or firstly… secondly во-первых, во-вторых
6. vague and irrelevant reasons a reason which is unclear and difficult to understand and not relating to a particular topic смутные и не относящиеся в делу причины
7. appropriate and precise correct or suitable for a particular time, situation, or purpose and clear, exact and correct подходящий и точный
8. to be concerned to be worried about something быть обеспокоенным
9. what’s more used to add some information более того
10. obvious choice a choice which is easy to understand очевидный выбор


1.5 Writing – Cover letter - 1.5

1. cover letter a letter that you send with CV which explains why you suit for the position you are applying for сопроводительное письмо
2. to break sales records to do something better than anybody else before устанавливать рекорд по продажам
3. to double average revenues per venue To increase (two times) money that a the business or organization receives over a period of time удвоить среднюю прибыль от места проведения с точки реализации
4. to capture market share To gain control of a part of the market захватить долю рынка
5. to optimize profitability to improve company's financial situation by making it easier to get profit оптимизировать прибыльность
6. thank you for consideration Thank you for careful attention and thought about something спасибо за рассмотрение
7. outgoing personality A person who likes meeting people and talking to new people легкий характер
8. to embark on To start doing something Начинать браться за
9. to make a good impression To produce a nice opinion or feeling about someone or something because of the way they seem произвести хорошее впечатление
10. sophisticated language which generally refers to university-level words, phrases and expressions утонченная, замысловатая речь


1.6 Case Study – Mangalia Business School - 1.6

1. advantageous features helpful and likely to make you successful characteristics Преимущественные характеристики
2. excellent reputation for quality To be known by being of good quality славиться качеством
3. to host seminars to provide the place and everything that is needed for seminar организовывать семинары
4. well-equipped campus the land and buildings of a university or college which has all the necessary equipment хорошо оборудованный университетский городок
5. cultural heritage the traditional national beliefs, values, customs etc of a family, country, or society культурное наследство
6. internationally recognized degrees A qualification given by university or college accepted by different countries in the world степень международного уровня
7. to tailor to the needs to make something so that it is exactly right for someone's particular needs приспосабливаться под нужды
8. work placement a job, usually as part of a course of study, which gives you experience of a particular type of work стажировка
9. undergraduate a student at college or university, who is working for their first degree студент последнего курса
10. incentives Reasons for doing something Стимулы



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