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About Business

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1. venture capital fund A certain amount of money obtained by a company to start a new business фонд венчурного капитала
2. an entrepreneur someone who starts a new business or arranges business deals in order to make money, often in a way that involves financial risks предприниматель
3. business angel An investor who invests money into company’s development, he may also offer his recommendations and contacts in exchange for company’s shares Бизнес-ангел = богатый инвестор, который инвестирует финансы в развитие компании
4. excellent execution Very good performance of an action or a task that you were asked to do Отличное исполнение
5. a receptive market A market with a big amount of goods realization at the given price rate ёмкий рынок
6. to validate an idea to make someone feel that their ideas and feelings are respected and considered seriously Обосновывать, проверять, поддерживать идею
7. to obtain a mortgage To get a legal arrangement by which you borrow money from a bank or similar organization in order to buy a house, and pay back the money over a period of years Получить ипотечный кредит
8. royalty a payment made to the writer of a book or piece of music depending on how many books etc are sold, or to someone whose idea, invention etc is used by someone else to make money роялти - плата за использование права интеллектуальной собственности; гонорар, лицензионный платеж
9. premises the buildings and land that a shop, restaurant, company etc uses Помещение, территория компании
10. eventually after a long time, or after a lot of things have happened в конечном счёте, в итоге


6.2 Vocabulary – Funding a start-up

1. cash-flow the movement of money coming into a business as income and going out as wages, materials etc Денежный поток
2. raw materials substances in a natural state and not treated or prepared for use Сырье
3. an outstanding bill a written list showing how much you have to pay for services you have received, which you haven’t paid for yet неоплаченные счета
4. equity finance a way of raising capital from external investors in return for handing over a share of your business доля в акционерном капитале предприятия
5. to overdraw /overdraft To spend more than you had in your account and so you owe the bank money / the amount of money you owe to a bank when you have spent more money than you had in your account превысить кредит / превышение кредита
6. to provide security To offer something such as property that you promise to give someone if you cannot pay back money you have borrowed from them предоставить финансовое обеспечение
7. to acquire assets to obtain the things that a company owns by buying it or being given it приобретать активы
8. to bear an interest rate When you use a bank loan or overdraft you pay interest to the bank приносить проценты
9. an interest-free loan A loan which has no interest charged on it Безпроцентный кредит
10. due diligence A thorough examination of your financial transactions финансовая экспертиза


6.4 Speaking – Taking questions in presentations

1. to bluff and lie to pretend something, especially in order to achieve what you want in a difficult or dangerous situation and to tell someone something that is not true though it is Блефовать и лгать
2. Let me recap Let me sum up Позвольте мне подсуммировать
3. That raises a different issue That opens another question Это поднимает другой вопрос
4. I’m glad you raised that point I’m glad that you started talking about it Я рад, что Вы подняли этот вопрос
5. To be precise To be very careful about small details Быть точным
6. To put it into perspective To consider something in order to compare it to something else в качестве сравнения
7. We are convinced that We are certain that something is true Мы убеждены, что
8. The future is rosy Tomorrow will be better than today Светлое будущее
9. questioner vs questionnaire A person or organization asking a question and a a written set of questions which you give to a large number of people in order to collect information лицо, ведущее опрос и опросник
10. to swap roles To exchange roles Поменяться ролями


6.5 Writing – An executive summary

1. core product The main product of the manufacture основной товар, целевой товар
2. in accordance with according to a rule, system В соответствии с
3. garden maintenance Activity aimed at keeping a garden in good condition Содержание сада
4. landscape an area of countryside or land of a particular type, used especially when talking about its appearance пейзаж
5. environmentally-aware homeowners Homeowners who understand the problems with environmental pollution and other problems Домовладельцы, осознающее проблемы окружающей среды
6. sustainable able to continue without causing damage to the environment Устойчивый, возобнавляемый, экологически рациональный
7. pre-tax income profits oof a company before tax has been taken away доход без вычета налогов
8. to reflect the aspiration To show great desire in doing or having something Проявлять сильное желание, стремление
9. to keep up with the latest fashion to continue to read and learn about latest trends, so that you always know about the most recent facts, products etc не отставать \ поспевать за последней модой
10. to meet demand satisfy your customer needs удовлетворять потребности


6.6 Case Study – Angels or demons

1. to be capable having the qualities or ability needed to do something Быть способным
1. to adjust a pitch    
2. an executive summary template A model of a short statement that gives the main information about something, without giving all the details for people on managing positions Шаблон резюме проекта
3. to boost morale To increase the level of confidence and positive feelings that people have, especially people who work together, who belong to the same team Улучшить боевой дух
4. to take it as it comes to deal with something as it happens Принимать как оно есть
5. fair trade the activity of making, buying, and selling goods in a way that is morally right, making sure that the people who grow or make a product have been paid a fair price for it Справедливая торговля
6. precise target market A definite market that a company aims at Определенный целевой рынок
7. organic cuisines the food cooked from organic products Органическая кухня
8. to be unbeatable To be the best of a kind, not able to be defeated непобедимый
9. Drop me a line. Leave a short message for me черкниуть мне несколько слов


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