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4.1 About Business – The project team

1. team spirit willingness to work as part of a group of people командный дух
2. conventional activities activities which have been performed for a long time and are considered the usual type обычная деятельность
3. to merge into a force to combine, or to join the strengths Слиться в единую силу
4. a determined passion to accomplish smth a strong desire to succeed in doing something, especially after trying very hard Решительное желание что-либо сделать
5. to overcome shortcomings to successfully control faults and weaknesses that prevent a company from achieving something побороть недостатки (неудачи)
6. to endure the schedule to be able to bear very tight timetable выдержать график (плотный)
7. to be held accountable to be made responsible for the effects of your actions заставленный отвечать за свои поступки
8. to impose to force people to do what you think is right навязывать
9. to lose your temper to suddenly become very angry so that you cannot control yourself выйти из себя
10. to start from scratch to begin something without using anything that existed or was prepared before начать все с самого начала, с нуля


4.2 Vocabulary – Managing people and projects

1. to burn out to work so hard over a period of time that you become unable to continue working because you are tired, ill, or unable to think of any new ideas дойти до предела, выгореть
2. to settle in to begin to feel happy and relaxed in a new situation, home, job обживаться, устроиться
3. to pull together to improve something by organizing it more effectively хорошо сработаться, сотрудничать собраться с силами
4. to pass the buck to make someone else responsible for something that you should deal with снять с себя ответственность
5. to get on well with to have a friendly relationship with each other ладить с кем-то (быть в хороших отношениях)
6. to let smb down to make somebody upset, because you have done something that affected them подвести кого-то
7. to pull smb’s weight to do your full share of work, do everything that you were supposed to выполнить свою долю работы
8. to take it easy to relax and not do very much относиться спокойно относиться
9. to reach the next milestone to get to a very important event in the development of something достичь следующего этапа развития
10. to establish a timeframe to state the period of time during which you expect or agree that something will happen or be done установить временные рамки


4.4 Speaking – Coaching

1. to scream and shout to make a loud high noise with your voice because you are hurt, frightened, excited etc and to say something very loudly визжать и кричать
2. a heart to heart talk a conversation in which two people say honestly and sincerely what they really feel about something разговор по душам
3. to give a final warning to tell someone that if they continue doing something they will be punished делать последнее предупреждение
4. to recognize merit to accept or admit that someone deserves praise, because he/she has done something good признавать заслугу
5. to give raise to provide employees with an increase in the money they earn давать повышение заработной платы
6. to contribute to success to help to make something successful помочь добиться успеха
7. conclusion something you decide after considering all the information you have заключение
8. consequence something that happens as a result of a particular action or set of conditions последствие
9. to elicit the cause to succeed in getting information about the reason for something from someone, especially when this is difficult выведать причину
10. conscientious careful to do everything that it is your job or duty добросовестный


4.5 Writing – Reports

1. anonymous questionnaire a written set of questions which you give to a large number of people in order to collect information but they don’t have to sign it with their names анонимный опросник
2. annual appraisal interview a formal meeting at which an employee is asked questions in order to find out quality of his/her work and how well he/she does the job, which is held every year ежегодное оценочное интервью
3. to investigate an attitude to try to find out the opinions and feelings that you usually have about something разузнать о позиции (отношении)
4. job satisfaction a feeling of happiness or pleasure because you are doing a job that you like удовлетворение работой
5. owing to because of something вследствие
6. to hold an interview to have a meeting at which someone is asked questions in order to find out whether they are suitable for a job, course of study etc проводить интервью
7. to carry out a survey to conduct a clear examination of opinions or behavior of people by asking them a set of questions проводить опрос (исследование)
8. to have a guidance on how to… To have help and advice that is given to someone on how to do something иметь консультацию по тому как (делать что-либо)
9. due to the tight schedule because of having little time to deal with everything one has to deal with из-за плотного графика
10. to foster to help a skill, feeling, idea etc develop over a period of time = to encourage благоприятствовать


4.6 Case Study – Trident Overseas

1. recruitment a process of finding new people to work in a company наём, подбор и расстановка кадров
2. to determine petrol price to officially decide on the amount of money a customer has to pay for petrol определить цены на бензин
3. to become accustomed to to start being familiar with something and accept it as normal привыкнуть к чему-то
4. appropriate pump suitable piece of equipment which is used to move petrol or gas in and out Подходящая заправочная колонка
5. uniform forecourt staff employees working on a large open area in front of a gas station and wearing a particular type of clothing работники заправочного терминала в униформе
6. to wash a windscreen to clean the large window at the front of a car, bus etc мыть лобовое стекло
7. income for engine repairs money a company gets for fixing the part of a vehicle that produces power to make it move доход от ремонта двигателя
8. the crucial factor one of several things that influence or cause a situation which is extremely important определяющий (решающий )фактор
9. to handle with kid gloves to treat someone kindly and carefully because they easily become upset Церемониться, бережно относиться
10. to sack to fire somebody увольнять с работы



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