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5.1 About Business – Viral marketing

1. to spread viral ads To stimulate advertising messages or images distribution through social networks by computer users without realizing that they are sharing not just interesting image, but an advertisement распостранять вирусную рекламу
2. suspense a feeling of excitement or anxiety when you do not know what will happen next Интрига
3. to create a buzz To cause a lot of activity, noise, and excitement создавать шумиху
4. to entertain the audience to amuse or interest people in a way that gives them pleasure развлекать аудиторию
5. to be lured by the prospect To be attracted as a customer by some promises быть соблазненным перспективой
6. to rely on to trust or depend on someone or something to do what you need or expect them to do полагаться на
7. negligible too slight or unimportant to have any effect ничтожный, не принимаемый в счет
8. victim of its own success someone who suffers because of his achievement жертва собственного успеха
9. to give an edge To give an advantage Давать преимущество
10. to go mainstream To become available for a wide audience стать общедоступным


5.2 Vocabulary – The marketing mix

1. mix coherency Logical connection between mix components Связанность составляющих комплекс маркетинга
2. to refer to / to refer to as to mention or speak about someone or something / to call or name something Упоминать / именовать, называть
3. product life cycle stages of product life from production to discontinuing жизненный цикл товара продукта
4. undercover marketing Hidden marketing, when consumers don’t realize that the product is being marketed to them скрытый маркетинг
5. product placement A type of advertising when a company has some of its products used as props in a film or television show размещение товаров в кино и передачах
6. to flood the market to produce and sell a very large number of one type of thing, so that the price goes down Наполнять рынок товарами
7. BOGOF = buy one get one free A special offer provided by a shop when you get one product for free after you have bought something покупаешь один - второй бесплатно
8. Loss leader a sales promotion technique which attracts customers into a shop and encourages sales of another product   товар, продаваемый с убытком с целью привлечения покупателей к другим товарам
9. tying a sales promotion technique when sales of one product depend on the customer buying another Связка
10. bundling a sales promotion technique of selling several products together as one combined product Пакетирование


5.4 Speaking – Dealing with objections

1. to object / objections to feel or say that you oppose or disapprove of something/ a reason that you have for opposing or disapproving of something, or something you say that expresses this Возражать / возражение
2. to take the plunge To have enough courage to do something отважиться
3. How do you justify that? How can you explain it in a reasonable way? Как Вы это обоснуете?
4. If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. An employer who pays low wages will have bad staff. Or a customer who pays too low prices will get bad quality Как нам платят, так мы и работаем.
5. to threaten the customer to say that you will cause customers harm or trouble if they do not do what you want Запугать покупателя
6. to obtain info To get/receive information Получить инфомацию
7. to postpone the payment to change the date or time of payment to a later one Отложить оплату
8. to be worth doing used to say that something is interesting, useful, or helpful Стоящее того, что бы сделать
9. a particular reason A certain or specific cause for something Конкретная причина
10. to afford the insurance to have enough money to buy or pay for insurance Позволить себе страховку


5.5 Writing – Mailshots and sales letters

1. mailshot advertisements or information that a company sends to many people at one time by post Рассылка по почте
2. credential someone's education, achievements, experience etc that prove they have the ability to do something Диплом, сертификат, подтверждение
3. to subscribe to to pay money, usually once a year, to have copies of a newspaper or magazine sent to you, or to have some other service Подписаться
4. issues that matter subjects or problems that are worth paying attention to Вопросы, которые имеют значение
5. daily podcast a type of digital media consisting of an episodic series of files (either audio or video) subscribed to and downloaded through web syndication which are posted every day Ежедневный подкаст
6. to give references To provide some information that tells a customer where he/she can find the information he/she wants Давать ссылки
7. market follower A firm that is happy to follow the leaders in a market place without challenging them, perhaps taking advantages of opportunities created by leaders without the need for much marketing investment of its own. Последователь
8. advance fee fraud an illegal way of getting money from someone by sending them an email promising that they will make a lot of money if they invest in a business activity which does not really exist получение денег авансового платежа обманным путём «нигерийские письма»
9. to avoid disappointment To prevent a feeling of unhappiness because something is not as good as you expected, or has not happened in the way you hoped from happening Избежать разочарования
10. significant gains A large amount of money or something else which you get Значительный заработок, достижение


5.6 Case Study – Backchat Communications

1. to continue to evolve No to stop changing and improving Продолжать изменяться, развиваться
2. to run a courier service To manager a company that is paid to take packages somewhere Управлять службой экспресс-доставки
3. mobile phone fleet A number of mobile phones a company owns Мобильные телефоны компании
4. GPS = geo-positioning Defining the exact location of someone or something on the planet Глобальная система местоопределения
5. handset features Characteristics of the part of a telephone which you hold next to your ear Характеристики телефонной трубки
6. discounts negotiable a reduction in the usual price of something which is not final and can be discussed Скидка, размер которой может обсуждаться
7. approximate appropriate number Not exact but close to the exact number of something Приблизительное число
8. user profile a collection of settings that customize your computer, phone or player to look the way you want it to as a user профиль системы, настроенной пользователем
9. spare battery An extra battery for your phone which you use in case the first one goes low Дополнительная батерея
10. Bluetooth headset a set of headphones, often with a microphone attached Гарнитура «Bluetooth»


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