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5.1 About Business - Advertising

1. to advertise to tell the public about a product or service in order to persuade them to buy it рекламировать
2. advertisement a picture, set of words, or a short film, which is intended to persuade people to buy a product or use a service реклама (продукт рекламы)
3. USP – unique selling point a quality of a product that makes it different from other similar products уникальное торговое предложение
4. to recognize a product to know the product, because you have already seen it узнать продукт
5. to lease to use a building, car, equipment under a legal agreement for some period of time in return for rent брать или сдавать в лизинг
6. average person a person who has qualities that are typical of most people or things среднестатистический человек
7. to receive a bid on eBay to get an offer to pay a particular price for a product on ebay (internet auction) получить заявку на покупку (предложение цены) на сайте ebay
8. to lose effectiveness to stop being effective терять эффективность
9. to target an audience to choose a particular group of people (market segment), who are supposed to buy a particular product выбрать целевую аудиторию
10. to attract attention to make somebody pay attention to something by making it interesting for them привлекать внимание
11. commercial (n.) an advertisement on television or radio рекламный ролик

5.2 Vocabulary - Buying and selling

1. knowledgeable A person who knows a lot about something компетентный, знающий
2. a smart appearance Looking stylish and attractive нарядный, модный, стильный
3. trustworthy Being a person who people can trust and depend on надежный, заслуживающий доверия
4. patient Able to stay calm without becoming angry терпеливый
5. persuasive Able to make people believe what you say убедительный
6. chatty Liking to talk a lot in a friendly way разговорчивый
7. a rival A competitor соперник
8. quite pricey Very, but not extremely expensive довольно дорогой
9. customer incentive A scheme of targeting a group of customers and trying to attract them стимулирование покупателя
10. customer retention A scheme aimed at keeping existing customers (for them not to stop buying and using your product) удержание покупателя

5.4 Speaking – Negotiating

1. to negotiate to discuss something in order to reach an agreement, especially in business вести переговоры
2. negotiations official discussions between the representatives of opposing groups who are trying to reach an agreement, especially in business переговоры
3. a winner and a loser A person who succeeds in a competition and a person who fails a competition победитель и потерпевший поражение
4. win-win / lose-lose / win-lose Win-win - A situation or solution which will end well for anyone involved in it Lose-lose – a situation which will end bad for everybody Win-lose - a situation which will end well only for one of the participants беспроигрышная ситуация/ ни для кого невыгодная ситуация / ситуация, в которой выигрывает только один
5. Can you go along with that? Can you agree with that? Вы можете на это пойти?
6. That’s my bottom line. That’s my final decision/opinion. Это моё финальное решение.
7. Take it or leave it. Accept this offer, because I will not offer anything else. Либо да, либо нет. / Другого не дано.
8. That makes two of us. The same is true for me Я такого же мнения.
9. That’s out of the question. We will not even discuss that. Это не обсуждается.
10. I have no choice. I have nothing else to do. У меня нет выбора.
11. I can meet you half way. I can compromise. Я могу пойти на компромисс.
12. I’d like to suggest I’d like to offer. Я хотел бы предложить.

5.5 Writing – Negotiating by email

1. further to your quotation In addition to what you said В дополнение к. Вашим словам
2. to go according to the plan To follow the stated or agreed plan Следоватьплану
3. with reference to discounts used to say what you are writing about discounts in your letter В связи, касательно
4. terms of payment conditions for paying or receiving money Условия оплаты
5. Please find attached A phrase used to let a person know that you have attached a document to a letter Пожалуйста, найдите во вложении
6. to submit a trial bulk order To give or sent a testing order to buy goods in large quantities Подать на рассмотрение пробный заказ о покупке оптом
7. Please confirm that Please say that you agree with that. Пожалуйста, подтвердите что…
8. delivery lead times A time limit when the product should be delivered Время реализации заказа
9. inclusive of VAT – value added tax A price which includes value added tax Включая налог на добавочную стоимость
10. net prices The prices with a discount Цены со скидкой

5.6 Case Study - Coolhunters

1. coolhunter a person who is employed to identify future trends, esp in fashion or the media кулхантер
2. trendy reflecting the most fashionable styles and ideas ультрамодный, отражающий последние тенденции
3. trends potter somebody who is quick to notice new trends in fashion, music, and cultural movements тренд-аналитик
4. pie chart a circle divided into parts by lines coming from the centre to show how big the different parts of a total amount are круговая диаграмма
5. market segmentation The way market divides into groups (segments) of customers that have common needs and will respond similarly to a marketing action сегментация рынка
6. full-nester A married person who has children who live with him/her обитатель полного гнезда (марк.)
7. empty-nester a married person whose children have grown up and left home обитатель пустого гнезда (марк.)
8. bachelor An unmarried man холостяк
9. DINK – double income, no kids A family/a member of a family without children where both, husband and wife, earn money бездетная семья с обоими работающими супругами / член такой семьи
10. disposable income the amount of money you have left to spend after you have paid your taxes, bills etc доход, остающийся после уплаты налогов
11. relatively high High if to compare to something else относительно высокий
12. early majority customers who are ready to buy a product as soon as it appears on the market раннее большинство (марк.)
13. late majority Customers who buy product only after it has become popular позднее большинство (марк.)



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