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C General appearance, presentation and quality

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  4. Exercise 2. Translate the sentences paying special attention to the words that need generalization.
  5. General English Vocabulary

These chips are terribly greasy. [too much oil/fat]

This meat is over-cooked/overdone / under-cooked / underdone.

British cooking can be very stodgy. [heavy, hard to digest]

Mm, this chicken's done to a turn. [just perfect, not overdone]

These pistachio nuts are terribly more-ish. [informal; you want to eat more]


Ex.3. What might you say to the person / people with you in a restaurant if...

1 your chips had too much oil/fat on them?

2 your dish had obviously been cooked too much/too long?

3 your piece of meat was absolutely perfectly cooked?

4 your dish seemed to have no flavour at all?


D Ways of cooking food - verbs

Boil fry bake roast grill


Shall I stew the beef? [boiled with vegetables in the same pot], or would you prefer it as a casserole? [similar, but in the oven]

These lamb chops would be nice barbecued. [done over hot coals, usually outdoors]

Have you seasonedthe stew? [added herbs/spices/salt/pepper


Ex.4. Sort these dishes out under the headings starters, main courses or desserts.

chicken casserole coffee gateau fresh fruit salad sorbet

paté and toast prawn cocktail rump steak chocolate fudge cake grilled trout shrimps in garlic Irish stew


Ex.5. How do you like the following foods prepared?

a leg of chicken eggs potatoes cheese sausages

a fillet of cod prawns mushrooms


salt pepper vinegar mustard brown sauce ketchup

salad-dressing oil mayonnaise lemon juice



1. Which are fish and which is usually called seafood?

prawns sardines squid oysters mackerel mussels hake crab plaice trout lobster cod sole whiting

2. What do we call the meat of these animals?

calf deer sheep pig (three names) cow ram

3. Which of these fruit grow in our country / region? Are there others not listed here?

peach plum grapefruit grape nectarine star-fruit blackcurrant

raspberry melon lime kiwi-fruit mango


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