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References. Nurymbetova.A. «What’s the real problem» A review of institutional experiments

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Dear Respondent!!!

Please complete the following questionnaire to assist me in writing my project about Kazakh language problem. Fulfilling will take at least 5-7 minutes. The information of this questionnaire will be used in my research on “Kazakh language problems” and will not appear in mass media or other public place.




1. Do you know Kazakh Language?
A) Yes, I speak fluently
B) Yes, I Speak Kazakh but not so good as I would like to
C) No, I didn’t pay attention to this language in school
D) No, I don’t use this language



2. Do you think Kazakh Language will be useful in future?
A) Yes, of course! It is our state language
B) No, I don’t think so, but popularity of Kazakh will be decreasing each year
C) I would rather use Russian or English
D) I find it difficult to answer this question



3. What difficulties have you experienced in the study of the Kazakh language?
A) Unwillingness to learn this language
B) Lack of practice
C) Grammar is too difficult
D) No any difficulties



4. If somebody will ask you the direction of exact street on Kazakh, will you help to this person?
A) I’m not so self-confident to explain something in Kazakh
B) I will not help this person because of __________________________________________________________
C) I’d rather answer the Russian Language
D) It’s not problem for me, I can help and explain on Kazakh


5. Do you think that Kazakh language is easy to understand?
A) Yes it’s very interesting and understandable language
B) It’s very hard language to study
C) I don’t care
D) I don’t know how to answer this question



6. Have you learned Kazakh language after school?

A) No, it’s not useful language for me
B) Yes, I have
C) I will start from next year
D) I’m not sure, that I will learn it anymore



7. Why Kazakh Language become more and more unpopular among young people in Kazakhstan?

A) It’s easier to express your ideas and thoughts on Russian
B) Hard Language
C) Problem of education system
D) I find it difficult to answer



8. Do you think that ignorance of Kazakh will create problems of communication in future among young people in Kazakhstan?

A) A little number of people will speak Kazakh in future
B) Of course, this problem is need to be solved urgently
C) It’ll lead to separation of society
D) I find it difficult to answer



9. Does Kazakh language ignorance a temporary problem?

A) Yes, I think after some time everything be ok
B) Yes, but I’m not sure that Kazakh will be main speaking language in Kazakhstan
C) No it’s a long term process
D) I find it difficult to answer



10. Do you think if Kazakh language will be forgotten does other cultural things such as, national traditions and customs will be under the danger of ignorance?

A) We have a lot of time to solve this problem
B) Government should make urgent measures in order to prevent this problem
C) We can use another language and honor and remember our national traditions and customs
D) I find it difficult to answer this question



11. Don’t you that increasing the number of Kazakh language lessons in schools will improve the situation?
A) No, I don’t think so
B) This method will be useful
C) The problem is not in number of Kazakh lessons
D) I don’t know how to answer this question


12. Do you think that Kazakh Language on the verge of extinction?




13. Should Government spend more money in order to solve this problem of ignorance Kazakh Language? What government can do else?




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