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In order to determine the Kazakh language problem, and how to solve it, I created a questionnaire which consist 13 questions which are made in such way that will help me to get very accurate results. The survey was voluntary and all respondents were asked to provide their own point of view, their ideas and details of this issue. The information about people promised to appear in this paper only, not in mass media or other public place. This survey helped me to understand what exact language problem is exist in Kazakhstan, I’ve understood what reasons is developing this problem



There were 48 participants of my survey
I will provide some interesting statistics:


Figure #1

Why it is a problem?

Figure # 2

Is Kazakh language problem a temporary problem or not?

Figure #3

Do you think that Kazakh language is on the verge of extinction?

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LITURATURE REVIEW| Assessment criteria, reasons why Kazakh language problem is exist in Kazakhstan

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