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Nurymbetova.A. «What’s the real problem» A review of institutional experiments. Kazakh communication journal, 1(3) retrieved from: http://kazakcivilization.kz/6-kazaxskij-yazyk-chto-na-samom-dele-yavlyaetsya-problemoj.html


It’s a very interesting research from Assel Nurymbetoca (candidate of science), she described the problem of Kazakh language and compared Kazakh language problem with other countries, Assel was shocked when she didn’t find same problem in other countries, the results of Assel’s research I want to use in my proposal. To sum up Assel Nurymbetova’s mind she thinks that hardest challenge in this issue is to convince people that Kazakh Language is under the extinction, we should make little steps to our main goal


Sadvakassova.Sh. «E-books and cinemas on Kazakh language» An online review. SOZ newspaper, 3(3) retrieved from:



Internet source: http://rus.azattyq.org/section/language_problems/905.html

Sadvakassova Shynar (PR-Manager of KZ GALAMTOR company) described another problem which connected with national language, this problem connected with Kazakh language popularization. Shynar saying that libraries don’t have enough books on Kazakh, most films in the cinema is showed only on Russian language, people don’t have such opportunity to watch the film on Kazakh language, Shynar don’t understand why government don’t pay attention to this problem, also this problem connected with E-books (electronical books) which don’t have Kazakh fount



Yessimova.M. «Social Political problem in Kazakhstan», Review project. Interfax online journal,1(4) retrieved from:
Internet source: http://www.interfax.kz/?lang=rus&int_id=quotings_of_the_day&news_id=3210



This review project was held by Kazakhstani government. The main goal of this project was to underline what exact reasons interferes Kazakhstani people speak Kazakh, but there was one condition: all questions were asked on Kazakh, results of this survey were catastrophic: only 17 persons out of 100 answered the questions, other people say that they don’t want to speak Kazakh on camera, somebody didn’t understand the question. This article showed how serious problem of Languages in Kazakhstan


4th article


Baygaltinova.M. «Problem of Kazakh Language and solution of this problem», Internet report.Kazakh language site, 4(4) retrieved from:
Internet source: http://www.arba.ru/article/656


This is a very short article, but there are a lot of information that I can use in my essay and survey, author of this article Baygaltinova Meruert – very famous politician which dedicated their life to cultural development of our state – Kazakhstan. Meruert noticed that there is no such kind of problems (Kazakh Language ignorance) in countries and «auls»б politician also underlined that when youn people from countries and «auls» come to the cities in order to study and find the job, they face with discrimination. It’s very difficult to study in university if you don’t know Russian language, also this discrimination also connected with job, if somebody don’t know Russian language properly, there would not be a lot of chances to find a high-paid job, so from this article I realized that Language problem in our country cause not only problems of communication, but also may influence on working places

5th article
Seksebayeva.A. «What is the problem in Kazakh language?», Online article. Cosmopolitan KZ journal, 3(5). Retrieved from:
Internet source: http://www.newregion.kz/?Action=ReadNew&N=1404

Seksenbayeva Aiman is a schoold teacher with 20 years of Kazakh language teaching experience, she is thinking that the main problem of people who cannot study Kazakh properly – in their conscious mind. For example Aiman shows that foreigners from such countries as Canada, USA, Ukraine, Germany and Brazil speak Kazakh very fluently. «We have very beautiful language which today is under the danger», Aiman Seksenbayeva suggested to learn Kazakh more, spend a lot of time in order to speak better, Aiman hopes, that one day all citizens of Kazakhstan will have brilliant Kazakh language. This article showed a professional attitude to the problem which I want to solve, professional teacher with such big experience need to be heard.


6th article
Ivanovets.N. «5 main problems in Kazakh language studying», Journal report. Burda journal, 2(6). Retrieved from:
Internet source: http://www.vlast.kz/?art=610


«5 main problems in Kazakh Language studying»
Kazakh linguists underlined 5 main problems in Kazakh Language studying, so linguists says that: lack of practice, Kazakh language teaching methods, stereotypes, and prestige of Kazakh language are main reasons why Kazakh language in Kazakhstan is not so useful. From this article I realized a lot new facts and information, underlining of these 5 problems will help me to make a Survey, and to describe each problem more widely as well, very useful article

7th article
Kochetkov.S. «Kazakh Language problems in school programs», newspaper news. «Vesti» newspaper, 3(5) . Retrieved from
Internet source: http://www.scienceforum.ru/2013/218/6709


This article is about Kazakhstan Languages, author is discussing about three languages in Kazakhstan – Kazakh, Russian and English and their influence on Kazakhstani citizens. Author is writing that Kazakhstan has a lot of problems why Kazakh language not so useful, one of the most reasons is – system of education that need to be changed. Also author says that Russian language will be dominating language in Kazakhstan for a long period of time. In this article there are a lot of information which I can use in my essay, I’m sure that this information will be useful for me


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