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Working of the Project

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An Introduction





The project gadgetgallery.com is a web application that provide detailed the information about the gadget of various brands including the mobile ,computers & laptop, videogames, I-pod and mp3’s and many more.


The websites provide us information of various branded gadgets and shops where available and cost and discounts if applicable. Through this website we can search for gadgets and accessories on the basis of the category it belongs. The website contains full information about the particular gadgets and other related gadgets with other competing brands available. Gadgets are selected on the basis of the brand under which it’s available

And rating it gets on the basis of experts and customer use it before. The website briefly describe us basic intro from launch of the product and company produce and demand percentage with respect to other competing products. This website also links all home website of the companied produce the product (gadgets) and also facilitates the user to rate the product in the view.



Working of the Project


The website contain a Home page on which a search bar with a search button and two mono stable switch button for describing the search option. From the search for the needed songs or the artists’ information .The user writes a string, select the search option and press the search button. If websites contain related information it displays the related page for search result. If website does not had the request information. A label with the search area will be activated which writes “Sorry try another option ” as well as that string will also be stored in the database and read only by the administrator and to let him what was searched on the website and which request was display and which was not.

Below this search option the screen is splits into two parts. The left part/pane contain names of the gadget and brands present on the website which are direct links to their page Right pane contain Ratting area.

There types of rating on the basis of


1. Type

2. Brand

3. Rating



The gadget will automatically up dated after every successful search of the gadget of the related type and brand. Links used rate will also be automatically updated with every link used related to a particular artist. Feedback rate will be updated by the administrator according to the feed given by the user. All the feed by every user will be seen o the top of the feedback page and can be seen only to all the user who get the id and password so that they (User) can modify his own feed. Every user is promoted on the bottom area of the Homepage to create an id and feedback his/her experience of the usage and views related to gadget search. Below this last date if the rate changes by the administrator will be given. On About Us page of the website and all the information of how he/she could properly use the website and all the links related to its search. This page will also contain a brief introduction of the website.



On the Requested page of the website, user can ask for his/her question that if the website could add own favorite band or artist in the website. User can fill the information here related to his request foe the proper understanding of administrator. For using this facility of the page user must have the id and password. Fro user Registration page user can register him on the website. From user Registration page user can register him on the website. From Login page user can j\log into the website.



About Project: My project is based on online listing of gadgets and provides full detail about the product under the particular brands.


We give all best facilities to our users:

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