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System under Study

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In order to understand the need of the proposed system first we will have to understand the demand and supply. Of such system accordingly in the real world, and in nowadays context.

It’s the world of internet which makes all of the things easy and more convenient in all ways. at present times it was a tough job to find good configuration for your computer. But with the mere existence of the web is enriching as it provides the huge variety of opportunities.

With the increasing web of broadband network using optical fiber cable. The Gadgetgallery .com web site will provide all of the above criteria. Its aim is to develop a viable e-information system related to computer hardware and software application process and other instance related to that in a minute specified researched and efficient manner to the customer, he/she can easily know about computer device’s price and can purchase easily.

Engulfing the vast possibility of growth in the field of configure computer system at home or at a communication hub like cyber cafes. One cannot deny the possibility of better configuration through the net called online information/shopping.

Besides being some of the failure in the context such as the sites launched at the first phase of the net development in our country. The new era in online computer shopping is ready to catch the pick up with the launch of this site. It also exploit the computer technology and all its aspects as necessary arises.

2.2 Need for the present System:

The project “gadgetgallery.com” is a real life project and developed for the automation of the current shopping system in India. Bringing the smart shopping to the customer.This is being cleared by the objective.

2.3 Objective:

The objective of the project “gadgetgallery.com” is to develop an online shopping info facility for computer.

The major objectives of this project are as follows: -

1 Providing an interactive online system for new registration.

2 Now the registered user can access the database. By using the flavors of HTML,XML blended with the power of C#.net under the framework a.s.p.net after all interface has a lot to do when proper interaction is necessary.

3 Helping the user to search our database to get the best gadget aviliable loking for.

4 Providing all the information which is related to gadgets and help the customer to know the best configuration with details like price.

5 Online transaction is safe and secure.

6 Providing facility to pay by credit card or debit card.

7 Providing secured environment for secured data access wherever necessary.

8 Retrieval of data from database using easy buttons links and interfaces in a very fast and efficient manner.

9 On-line updating of all type of data. Updating Data using web based interfaces and with the help of buttons & links in an easy & convenient way.

10 The project will recover the maintenance money by advertising, company will give the job vacancy, and selected candidate will give his first salary to the placement center, from abroad jobs there are many ways to recover money.

11 Developing a viable candidate system that fulfills the following requirements.

· Faster and accurate information retrieval.

· Easy registration (any type)

· Login dependent information retrieval and updating.

· Correct and consistent maintenance of data and its quick retrieval.

· Minimizing the page download time and hence less investment.

· Improving the switches button and hyperlink so that the candidate shall find all the queries they need at first sight.

· Maintaining the fast download of the page by using the flavors of cookies.

· Smooth transition and easy access to the pages not requiring much training to the end user.

The overall objective of the system to make the computer shopping easiest.

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