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Assessment criteria, reasons why Kazakh language problem is exist in Kazakhstan

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I want to show reasons more detailed, with providing experts attitude, their evaluation of this problem as well. I will start with firs reason – Lack of practice and unsuitable environment that interferes to use and learn Kazakh language. Linguist from Almaty – (Zhanna Ummatova) believes that over of 20 years of independence of Kazakhstan there has not appeared any sphere of activity where only one state language functioned, in order people began to speak Kazakh language or even began to learn it, language environment is needed. Zhanna gave an example when people that was under the language policy was changed society consciousness and they started to study language, Zhanna believes that environment impose the mark. Words of Zhanna Ummatova: «I’also once didn’t know Kazakh language because I grew up in USSR. In schools Kazakh people scared to use Kazakh language they complexes of that because other pupils immediately started to cuss, in university where I studied almost everyone asked me the same question, «You’re Kazakh, why don’t you know your native language? » - I didn’t know what to answer», despite of such behavior of my classmates and teachers, I didn’t start to learn Kazakh, only when I married, I started to learn it, because my husband was from the province and didn’t know any word from Russian language – this is was my motivation to learn my native language, who knows, maybe if I would not found my husband’ I’ve still didn’t know Kazakh, who knows?» - from these words you can see the personal experience of professional linguist, I have described the first reason, and I’m going to describe the second.

The second reason is – established stereotypes of Kazakhstani citizens.

Another professional linguist (Zhanar Ibrayeva) thinks that some part of Kazakhstan people live in the power of stereotypes. Zhanar says that motivation is really needed; still our citizens suppose that Kazakh kindergartens are worth than Russian or international kindergartens, such thoughts are also connected with schools. According to the experts consciousness didn’t change, here are the questions of language prestige, ideology and personal choices, but if you deeper see in Kazakh language ideology we have some positive moments – people with little steps begin to trust Kazakh language schools and kindergartens.

A third reason as you know is – improper motivation of state government. Professional expert and linguist Samiga Salimova finds that motivation that government gave Kazakhstani citizens in order to learn Kazakh language is not right. Government introduced the law, when all companies which work on territory of Kazakhstan should also use documents on Kazakh language, Samiga thinks that such measure will not push workers of companies learn Kazakh, instead of this there will be more work for translator – this is only difference between when the law was not introduced. Samiga is suggesting that extra money for workers who translated all documents by themselves will be more useful measure neither this law that called «сclerical work»

Fourth reasons why language problem exist in Kazakhstan is – Kazakh language low prestige. If Kazakh language will have more prestige, most of Kazakhstani people will want to learn Kazakh, this is a very difficult step that need to be achieved

Methods of Kazakh language teaching – is the last fifth reason. - «When methods of teaching will be changed, there will be a great wish to learn Kazakh» - believes professional expert and linguist Samiga Salimova, «language will not be so difficult as today» - she adds.
«We cannot learn Kazakh for 10 years, when English we can learn for few years», Samiga does not understand why government don’t make more measures in order to make situation better.
These reasons that I’ve described creates a lot of other different problems that our citizens is facing every day. If Kazakhstani people will not practice Kazakh language, this language can be simply forgotten, though we have a positive moment, there is no such kind of problem in countries and provinces; this problem is more serious in the cities. We cannot loose our language, if Kazakh language will be not as useful as other languages like Russian and English, Kazakhstani people will loose the part of their culture I will start with main problem – problem of communication. As you understand nowadays citizens who are speaking Kazakh cannot speak with citizens who know only Russian and vice versa. This communication barrier should not exist in Kazakhstan.

According to the experts (Samiga Salimova) government does not motivate people in order to use language in proper way, the problem in this question is not only a governmental motivation, Ivan Tutyurikov (2012) believes that if people will not show their desire to study language no one method will help them in order to achieve this goal. Indeed in Ivan Tutyurikov’s words there is some logic, if there would not be initiative from side of people, this kind of motivation is doomed to failure. And to tell the truth solve this problem will be very difficult without Kazakhstani citizens help.


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