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Exercise 87. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present forms.

"Well, I 1) ...have never won... (never/win) anything like this before! I 2) … (only/enter) a few competitions in my life so this is a big surprise. Of course, I 3) … (watch) TV quiz shows for years, but now I 4) … (think) of taking part in more. The prize is wonderful. We 5) … (stay) here in Hawaii for ten days now and we 6) … (have) a great time. We 7) … (already/see) all the sights and my wife … 8) … (buy) lots of souvenirs. We 9) … (send) postcards to all our friends to show them how we 10) … (spend) our time. Yes, we really 11) … (enjoy) ourselves. In fact, we 12) … (want) to stay forever."

Exercise 88. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present forms.


Thanks for agreeing to look after my flat while I'm away. I 1) ...have cleaned...(clean) the flat thoroughly but as I 2) … (work) late all week, I 3) … (not/have) time to cook any food for you. My dog, Rover, 4) … (eat) a tin of dog food every night and the plants 5) … (need) watering once a week. Tonight I 6) … (stay) at the Hutton Hotel so you can contact me there if you need me.


Exercise 89. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present forms.

Dear John,

First of all, sorry I 1) ... haven't written... (not/write) for so long, but I was on holiday. 2) … (you/get) your exam results yet? I'm sure you 3) … (pass) them all since you always 4) … (study) so hard. I 5) … (wait) for mine at the moment and I 6) … (try) not to worry! Welt, I 7) … (write) from my new flat. Yes, 18) … (move) house! Now we 9) … (paint) and 10) … (clean) the place to make it look nice. When it's finished, I am going to have a party and because I 11) … (not/see) you for weeks I 12) … (want) you to come. Write soon and let me know if I'll see you there.

Love, Mary


Exercise 90. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct present forms.

1. Alan ...is flying... (fly) to Barcelona tonight. He … (already/pack) his suitcase but he … (not/call) a taxi yet. His plane … (leave) at 8 pm. 2. Ann and Sally … (be) flatmates. They sometimes … (argue) because Sally … (always/make) a mess in the kitchen. 3. "Look over there! It's John Cooper." "Oh yes! But he … (look) so different! He … (put on) at least 15 kilos and I … (think) he … (wear) a toupee." 4. Ever since the accident Susan … (be) afraid to drive. Next week she … (see) a psychologist who … (specialise) in that sort of problem. 5. "What a great match! Johnson … (pass) the ball to Green, who … (shoot) and … (score)!" 6. "What on earth … (you/do)? Your clothes are all dirty!" "Well, I … (work) in the garden all day. Look! I … (already/plant) a lot of flowers. I ... (plan) to cut the grass now.
La Sagrada Familia


Exercise 91. Choose the correct answer.

1. 'What time does the train leave?' 'I think it ..A... at 2 o'clock.'

A leaves B has been leaving C has left

2.. 'Where are Tom and Pauline?' – They … to the supermarket.'

A have just gone B have been going C go

3. 'What is Jill doing these days?' – 'She … for a job for six months.'

A is looking B has been looking C looks

4. 'Is Mandy watching TV?' – 'No. She … her homework right now.'

A is always doing B is doing C does

5. 'Have you been for a walk?' – 'Yes. I often … for walks in the evenings.'

Ahave gone B am going C go

6 'Have you seen any films lately?' – 'Yes. Actually, I … two this week.'

A have seen B am seeing C see

7. 'What … ?' – 'It's a piece of cherry pie. Mum made it yesterday.'

A are you eating B do you eat C have you eaten

8 'Are you going on holiday this summer?' – 'Yes. I … enough money.'

A am saving B have already saved C save

9. 'Is Todd reading the newspaper?' – 'No. He … dinner at the moment.'

A has been making B makes C is making

10 'Have you bought any new CDs recently?' – 'Yes. Actually, I … two this week.'

A have bought B have been buying C am buying

11 'What time does the play start?' – 'I think it … at 8 o'clock.'

A has been starting B starts C has started

12. 'Where is Mark?' – 'He … to the library to return some books.'

A has gone B has been C is going

13. 'What … ?' – 'It's a letter to my pen-friend. I'm telling her my news.'

A have you written B do you write C are you writing


Exercise 92. Underline the correct tense.

1 Liz and I are good friends. We know/have known each other for four years.

2 Sarah is very tired. She has been working/is working hard all day.

3 'Where is John?' 'He's upstairs. He does/is doing his homework.'

4 I can't go to the party on Saturday. I am leaving/have been leaving for Spain on Friday night.

5 Jane has finished/is finishing cleaning her room, and now she is going out with her friends.

6 I didn't recognise Tom. He looks/is looking so different in a suit.

7 I don't need to wash my car. Jim washes/has washed it for me already.

8 Ian has been talking/is talking to his boss for an hour now.

9 Claire's train arrives/has arrived at 3 o'clock. I must go and meet her at the station.

10 'Would you like to borrow this book?' 'No, thanks. I have read/have been reading it before.'

11 Where are you going/do you go?' To the cinema. Would you like to come with me?'

12 Have you seen my bag? I am searching/have been searching for it all morning.

13 'Is Colin here?' 'I don't know. I haven't seen/haven't been seeing him all day.'

14 Sophie is very clever. She is speaking/speaks seven different languages.

15 We are moving/have moved house tomorrow. Everything is packed.


Exercise 93. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1 A: What ...are you doing… (you/do)?

B: Nothing. I … (just/finish) my lunch.

2 A: Where … (you/be) all morning?

B: I … (clean) my house since 8 o'clock.

3 A: … (you/do) anything next weekend?

B: No, I … (not/make) any plans yet.

4 A: Jane looks great … (she/lose) weight?

B: Yes, she … (exercise) a lot recently.

5 A: … (be/you) busy right now?

B: Yes, I … (just/start) typing this report.

6 A: Where is Peter?

B: He … (wash) the car at the moment.

7 A: Who … (be) your favourite actor?

B: I … (like) Sean Connery since I was a child.

8 A: … (you/do) your homework yet?

B: Almost; I … (do) it now.



Exercise 94. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

1. Who …has been using… (use) my toothbrush?

2. 'What … (you/do)?' – 'I … (write) a letter.'

3. Samantha … (play) tennis with friends every weekend.

4. Tim and Matilda … (be) married since 1991.

5. Uncle Bill … (just/decorate) the bathroom.

6. Pauline and Tom … (sing) in the school choir twice a week.

7. Who … (you/speak) to?

8. Sarah is very happy. She … (win) a poetry competition.

9. He … (drink) two cups of coffee this morning.

10. My friend … (live) in America at the moment.

11. They … (usually/change) jobs every five years.

12. I … (normally/cut) my hair myself.

13. Linda … (study) in the library for three hours.

14. We … (play) in a concert next weekend.

15. Who … (read) my diary?

16. Tim … (leave) the house at 7 o'clock every morning.

17. … (your mother/work) in a bank?

18. … (you/drink) coffee with your breakfast every day?

19. We … (make) plans for our summer holidays right now.

20. They … (move) house in September.

Exercise 95. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Dear Nick,

This is just a short note to tell you I 1) ...'m arriving/arrive… (arrive) at the airport at 5 pm on Saturday, 10th December. I 2) … (be) very busy recently, and that's why I 3) … (not/write) to you for a while. I 4) … (plan) this trip for months, so now I 5) … (look forward) to spending some time with you and your family. 16) … (hope) you will be able to meet me at the airport. Please give my love to your wife and the children.

See you soon,



Exercise 96. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct tense.

Molly: Hi Peter. I 1) ...haven't seen... (not/see) you for a long time.

Peter: Hi Molly. I 2) … (travel) for the past two months.

Molly: Really? I 3) … (plan) a trip at the moment. I 4)… (leave) next month for Australia.

Peter: That's great. 5) … (you/arrange) a place to stay once you get there?

Molly: Yes, a campsite. It 6) … (be) a very nice place.

Peter: And 7) … (you/buy) your ticket yet?

Molly: No, not yet. Actually, I 8)… (go) to the travel agent's this afternoon to buy it.

Peter: Oh. I 9) … (go) into town later today. You can come with me in my car.

Molly: Thanks. I 10) … (meet) my brother for lunch at 1 o'clock, so I'll come to your house at 2 o'clock. Peter: Great! See you then.

Exercise 97. Correct the mistakes.

1.They have been to the shops. They'll be horn soon.

2. Joe plays in the garden at the moment.

3. I am going to work by car every day.

4. The builders finish the block of flats already.

5. He has been breaking his arm.

6. Sam have just finished reading a very interesting book.

7. Water is boiling at 100°C.

8. John is living here since 1986.

9. I study this subject for five years.

10. Who has use my scissors?

Exercise 98. Choose the correct answer.

1 ' ..C... your sister recently?' – 'Yes, she came to visit last weekend.'

A Have you been seeing BYou have seen C Have you seen

2 'I didn't know Sarah could drive.' – 'Oh yes, she … since last April.'

A has been driving B has driven C is driving

3 'Where is Jason?' – 'He … at the swimming pool.'

A is being B is C has been

4 This is a great book.' – 'I know. I … it twice already.'

A have read Bam reading C have been reading

5 'Hello, Jane. I'm home.' – 'Where have you been? I … for you all day!'

A have been looking B look C am looking

6 'Are you having a holiday this year?' – 'Yes, I … to Hawaii.'

A am going B have been C have gone

7 'Who does your hair for you?' – 'My mother usually … it.'

A is cutting B cuts C has cut

8 'Your socks are all wet!' – 'Don't worry. I … another pair with me.'

A am bringing B bring C have brought

Exercise 100. Life on earth is changing. Look at the information given in the chart and make sentences, as in the example.

e.g. S1: Trees provide oxygen and homes for animals.

S2: However, trees are disappearing because of fires and logging.

S1: But many governments have started to plant new trees.

The Facts....
1. Trees / provide / oxygen and homes for animals. 2. Many different species of fish / live on coral reefs. 3. Many people / use / coal and oil as fuel for heating in their homes. 4. Ocean life / produce / 90% of our oxygen.
The Changes....
1. Trees / disappear / because of fires and logging. 2. Fish / die / because fishermen / destroy / coral reefs. 3. Coal and oil supplies / decrease. 4. We / pollute / the oceans with rubbish.
The Action Taken....
1. Many governments / start / to plant new trees. 2. Some fishermen / stop / fishing near coral reefs. 3. Many people / change / to other sources of fuel for heating. 4. We / begin / to recycle rubbish instead of throwing it all away.

Exercise 101. Choose the right tenses (Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect or Present Perfect Continuous).

1. My daughter …(use) my perfume without asking me. It really … (annoy) me when I … (see) her doing this.

2. The parents don't approve their son's behaviour. He … (be) rude today.

3. Jack … (complete) the tax form. Now he … (be) free and … (think) of going out.

4. Look! The kettle … (boil). Please, switch it off.

5. What … (you, do) lately? This is the first time I … (see) you since we met at Phil's party last month.

6. I still … (not, hear) from Charlie though I … (write) to her three times.

7. Food prices … (rise) steadily these days.

8. Adam … (look) for a job since Easter. --I'm surprised. He is the best mechanic I … (meet) in my life.

9. The Browns … (replace) the tiles in the bathroom tomorrow.

10. Roger … (leave) for Germany tonight. His train … (depart) at 7.30 exactly.

11. Sarah is bad-tempered because she … (overdo) things recently.

12. Trevor … (always, complain) about something.

13. Who … (write) with my pen? It … (go) out of order.

14. The skirt … (not, fit) you any more. You should lose some weight.

15. More and more people … (eat) healthy food. Eating habits … (change) lately.

16. Mrs. Lewis … (look) after children all morning. She is sick and tired.

17. 17.I … (not, see) Monica since she began to take riding lessons.

18. My neighbour … (take) his driving test six times.

19. Colin … (appear) to be a cold person.

20. Jason … (fit) an extra lock at the front door. As soon as he … (finish) doing it, he'll have lunch.

Exercise 102. Choose the right tenses (Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect).

1. Fiona … (fit) new batteries in her radio.

2. David … (always, want) to go to Great Britain.

3. Sandy … (taste) the noodle soup to see if it is not hot.

4. The Smiths … (cut) the lawn all the afternoon.

5. Paul … (be) to Spain many times, but it's the first time he … (go) to Italy.

6. Bob … (have) the time of his life. He … (enjoy) staying in Paris and seeing the sights of the city.

7. My daughter … (always, use) the hairdryer when I need it.

8. More and more people … (travel) to exotic countries these days.

9. Michael … (always, break) things in the office. This is the last time his boss … (reprimand) him for being careless.

10. Christine … (teach) English for more than twenty years.

11. Why are you tired? — I … (help) my mother about the house.

12. Marina … (finish) baking the cake. It … (look) so delicious!

13. The saleswoman … (weigh) the apples at the moment.

14. John … (look) much younger since he shaved off his beard.

15. The children … (look) very miserable. They … (be) as pale as death. They … (tell) horror stories to each other.

16. The evening performance at that theatre … (start) at eight o'clock.

17. Mark and Brenda … (have) a party next Saturday. I … (be) to their parties a couple of times.

18. The roads … (get) busier these days.

19. I … (not, be) to African safari yet. I … (think) of going there on holidays.

20. This is the worst weather we … (have) this summer.


Exercise 103. Choose the right tenses (Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect).

1. The football match … (start) at 6.30 tomorrow evening.

2. Andrew … (read) Hamlet but he … (never, see) it performed.

3. Martha is not crying. She … (peel) onions.

4. My aunt … (always, leave) her dirty dishes on the table.

5. Sandy's boyfriend … (play) golf. This is the first time I … (not, see) him on the golf course.

6. Dick is strange ever since he … (have) an accident.

7. A new play … (appear) at the theatre next week.

8. You look frozen! How long … (you, stand) out here in the cold?

9. It … (usually, snow) every day in winter in this part of the country.

10. Malcolm is tired because he … (travel) all day.

11. Linda … (constantly, make) long calls on the phone. She … (stay) with her family at the moment.

12. 12.I … (see) Roger next Friday. His plane … (arrive) at 9 p.m.

13. Bryan … (be) to Denmark many times, he … (speak) quite good Danish.

14. Phil … (never, visit) his aunt Suzy who … (live) in New Zealand.

15. Alex … (just, offer) me a job. I … (meet) him on Monday morning.

16. Michael … (run) a small business for three years. I … (not, see) him for ages.

17. Tracy … (smell) flowers. I … (think) they … (smell) good.

18. I … (phone) you three times. — You see, I … (not, translate) the text so far. I … (do) the translation all day.

19. I … (always, prefer) coffee to tea.

20. This is the best restaurant I … (visit) in my life.


Exercise 104. Choose the right tenses (Present Continuous, Present Simple, Present Perfect).

1. Jack … (always, have) colds and chest problems and his cough is irritating.

2. Anne … (fly) to Paris on Monday for a holiday. Her flight … (take) off at 8.15 in the morning and … (arrive) in Paris at 9.15.

3. Eric … (see) his dentist tonight. He … (already, make) an appointment.

4. I don't like this meat. It … (taste) so salty.

5. Don't pay attention to little Kate. She … (just, be) awfully noisy these days.

6. The world population … (grow) and it's really a big problem for our planet.

7. Mr. Brown … (attend) a seminar on Tuesday. He … (already, make) a report.

8. Barbara … (constantly, cause) trouble at work. What … (happen) to her?

9. Dave … (play) football professionally for very long.

10. Claudia … (like) sport. She … (always, like) sport.

11. How many glasses of juice … (you, drink) today?

12. I … (know) what you … (mean). You … (appear) to have a problem.

13. This is the first time Mark … (drive) a car.

14. It … (snow) again. It … (snow) all the time here in winter.

15. The dog … (smell) meat. This is the third time she … (do) this.

16. Little Larry is dirty from head to foot because he … (play) in the mud.

17. Sonya … (try) to study. She … (try) to focus her attention on the text for the last hour, but her next-door neighbour … (make) a noise. He … (seem) to interrupt her.

18. Rosa … (read) the book for several months, but she … (not, finish) reading it yet.

19. Ted … (not, do) his homework so far. He … (still, continue) doing it.

20. Tony … (be) ill since he came back from his holiday.


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