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EXERCISES. Exercise 44.Give the past participle of the following verbs:

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Exercise 44.Give the past participle of the following verbs:

See, cut, work, leave, feed, bring, swim, buy, drink, go, catch, read, arrive, make, give, sing, teach, ring, do, eat.

Exercise 45.Comment on the use of the Present Perfect Tense.

1. He has been with us for a fortnight. 2.I have known him all my life. 3. Traditions teaching methods have proven to be effective under a lot of circumstances. 4.I have always dreaded tests. 5. At last you have come. I'v been here for an hour. 6. How long have you been to Moscow? 7.I haven't heard from him for a year. 8. Have you read this article? 9. I have been interested in this project for many years. 10. He has made it. 11. She's been excited about it for quite a while. 12. You've come a long way. 13. It's not news for me. I've heard it already. 14. Show mehow you do it. I've never done it before. 15. It's been a long week.

Exercise 46. Put the words in brackets in the correct place in the sentences. Sometimes two answers are possible.

GJust is used after the auxiliary verb have ( e.g. The taxi has just arrived). Yet normally goes at the end of a clause (e.g. They haven’t finished dinner yet). Already normally goes after the auxiliary verb have (e.g. I’ve already done it ) but it also may go at the end of a clause for emphasis (e.g. She’s left already).


e.g. Has Ken come home from work? (just) – Has Ken just come home from work?

Have you done you homework? (yet)

I haven’t worn my new coat. (yet)

“Is Sally here” “No, she’s gone out.” (just)

Have you spoken to your parents? (just)

It’s quite early. Has Jack gone to bed? (already)

I’ve cleaned the windows. (already)


Exercise 47. Complete the sentences using for or since.

e.g. I’ve been interested in jazz since I left school.

1. Lynne has been the manager of Timeways Travel in London ___ three years.

2. I’ve lived in Rome ___ I was two.

3. Mr Woods hasn’t read anything ___ over a month.

4. Sally and her doyfriend Peter have gone out together __ last winter.

5. I’ve been here ___ a few minutes.

6. Ye’s been in Japan ___ 1986.


Exercise 48. Every Saturday morning Simon and Sally clean the kitchen. Here are the jobs that they do:

SIMON AND SALLY (do the washing-up, clean the windows)

SALLY (clean the cooker, de-frost the fridge)\

SIMON (empty the rubbish bin, clean the floor)


Look at the picture. It is ten to eleven on Saturday morning. What jobs have Simon and Sally done? What haven’t the done yet?

e.g. They’ve done the washing-up.


Exercise 49. Say which of these things

a) you have never done,

b) you have already done.

1 meet a famous person

2 buy a car

3 have a personal computer

4 buy a house

5 win a large sum of money in the lottery

6 visit London or New York

7 learn at least one more foreign language

8 go on safari to Africa

9 fly in a balloon across the Atlantic Ocean

10 climb Everest or at least Mon Blanc

Exercise 50. Translate the following.

1. Я вже написала доповідь на цю тему. 2. Ви коли-небудь говорили з ним з цього питання? 3. Ви вже читали сьогоднішню газету? 4. Скільки разів ви цього року були в театрі? 5. Я рада бачити Олену. Я не бачила її з дня її весілля. 6. Ви вже посніда­ли? 7. Том уже вико­нав домашнє завдання і зараз дивиться телевізор. 8. Я вивчила текст і зараз повторюю слова. 9. Ми з Біллом – друзі із самого дитинства. 10. Останнім часом я не одержував листів від своїх батьків.

Exercise 51. Speak on the following situations.

1. Your classes are over. Tell your friend what you have learned at the Universityl.

2. After your visit to Kyiv tell your friends what you have seen there.

3. Describe how you have baked a cake.

4. Tell the group what you haven't yet done today.

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