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EXERCISES. Exercise 1.Write the third person singular of the verbs in the list in the correct box.

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Exercise 1.Write the third person singular of the verbs in the list in the correct box.

Dance, finish, study, open, mix, pray, put, miss, like, dry, do, catch, wash, say, cry, copy, watch, play, pass, begin.

-s -es -ies
dances finishes studies

Exercise 2.Write the third person singular of the verbs in the list in the correct box then read them aloud.

Laugh, kiss, read, look, speak, kick, put, catch, drive, brush, ride, walk, open, jump, play, know, cough, see, dance, close, help, listen, watch, wash, travel, write, lose, eat, rain, change.

/s/ /iz/ /z/
laughs kisses reads

Exercise 3.Comment on the use of the Simple Present Tense.

1. She speaks English. 2. She is fond of children. 3. Vegetables grow well in this climate. 4. We have three exams each term. 5. He takes a vitamin pill every day. 6.I hear somebody speaking in the hall. 7. This pupil always asks a lot of questions. 8. Three times three makes nine. 9. The river Amazon flows into the Pacific Ocean. 10. Jack plays tennis twice a week. 11. I understand what you mean. 12. Every morning I come to the office, turn on my computer, check E-mail and answer the messages. 13. The plane lands at 5 a.m.. 14. It rarely rains in the desert.


Exercise 4.Put the time expressions in the correct order.

1. Sue eats a lot of cakes (often).

2. (seldom) Barry speaks German.

3. Timmy and I play football (usually).

4. (never) we go to the cinema on Sundays.

5. Larry reads newspapers in the reading-room (sometimes).

6. They visit their relatives (rarely).

7. 1 cheat at the lessons (never).

8. Mrs. Claydon cooks chicken in wine (always).

9. The Smiths go to the picnic (often).

10. Francis and Lorna eat candies (rarely).

11. We write dictations at our English lessons (usually).

12. Pupils pass exams (often).

13. Terry's father smiles after the accident (rarely).

14. My parents worry about me (always).

15. Birds fly to the south in autumn (usually).

Exercise 5.Choose the correct form of the verb in brackets.

1. Billy _______ newspapers every morning, (read, reads)

2. Cindy______ all her dresses herself, (sew, sews)

3. My nieces______ their mother very much, (love, loves)

4. His dog always_____ with its tail, (play, plays)

5. Our Granny______ the best carrots in this district, (grow, grows)

6. Sam's behaviour_____ me. (astonish, astonishes)

7. Lakes always_____ __ in winter in this region, (freeze, freezes)

8. The sun_______ too bright in summer, (shine, shines)

9. We always_ ___ eggs for break fas!, (fry, fries)

10.I never______ about his birthday, (forget, forge is)

11.They __ __ tomato salad very much, (likes, like)

12.The snow________ in spring every year, (mell, melts)

13.Dan______ to the Crimea every summer, (go, goes)

14.Henry always _______ words and iris difficult to understand him. (mumble, mumbles)

15.Their dog______ at night very often. (bark, barks)


S+ am is are (not) …

I am a bad skater.

John is a good driver.

John and Mary are good friends.

I am not tired.

This box is not large.

These stories are not very funny.

Am Is Are (not) S …?

Is Mr Grey in Paris?

Are your grandparents pensioners?

Am I not right?

Isn't your mother much better?

Aren't your parents happy to see you?

? am is are (not) S …?

Why am I so nervous?

How is your friend John today?

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