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HOME TASK. Exercise 52.Change the tense in the following sentences into the Present Perfect

Exercise 52.Change the tense in the following sentences into the Present Perfect. Use the adverbial modifiers in brackets.

1. He gets up at 7 o'clock (just). 2.I usually go to Kiev by air (nеver). 3.I watch TV programmes every day (often). 4. Now I read a lot of interesting books in the original (lately). 5. She reads historical novels with great interest (always). 6. The boys are finishing break­fast (yet). 7. Does he read books on travel? (ever). 8.I look through morning newspapers at breakfast (already). 9. Nick shows his films to his friends (often). 10.I meet my fellow-worker on my way to the office (just). 11.I live in Moscow (always). 12. Do you travel to exot­ic places (ever)? 13.I use a digital camera (never)? 14.I don't hear about it every day (yet). 15.I don't often use my VCR (yet).


Exercise 53.Fill in the gaps with yet, recently, how long, never, since, just, so far, for or ever.

0. ...How long... have you been a teacher?

1. Kate has ___ leaned the window.

2. Have you ___ been to Egypt?

3. Sandra has ___ driven a car before.

4. I haven't invited anyone to the party ___.

5. She has only written one letter ___.

6. You have known them ___ five years.

7. He hasn't phoned ___ Sunday.

8. Toby has ___ bought a dog.


1 A:...How long... has she been an air hostess?

B: ___ she left school.

2 A: Jonathan has moved house ___.

B: What's his new address?

3 A: I can't phone you. I haven't got a phone ___.

B: Well, I'll come to your house instead.

4 A: Has she finished her homework ___ ?

B: Yes. She's ___ finished it.

5 A: He eats a lot of vegetables, doesn't he?

B: Yes. He's ___ liked vegetables.

6 A: Have you ___ been to China?

B: No, I have ___ been there.


Exercise 54.Explain the use of the Present Perfect in the following sentences:

1. Oliver came shyly up to him. "Sir, I've written a poem." "Good," said the headmaster. "May I see it?"

2. "Come on, ladies," he shouted, "there's nothing to be afraid of. The mice have left the room."

3. "Do you know the man?" "I've met him."

4. "Where is Gladys?" "I've just had a message. Her aunt's had a stroke and she's had to go down to Somerset."

5. "Well, it's very nice to see you anyway. I've been lonely."

6. "You look a bit shaken. Are you all right?" "It's been a pretty awful day, that's all."

7. I don't know how often - I've told you that I don't believe in this.

8. As they saw off their last guest, he said to his wife: "I think everything has gone off fairly well, don't you?" "Everything has been perfect," she declared.

9. "What do you know about the life in Quebec?" "Quite a lot. We have had letters from my uncle describing it."

10. "Are you keen on sailing?" "I have never done any."

11. "You know, I'm thinking of writing my memoirs," she said, "I've had an adventurous life."

12. "Well, after all," she said, "he knows he has been horrid to you and he is trying to make up for it."

13. "Hallo, Mum and Dad," he called out. "Are you too busy to see what I've caught"

14. "Have you heard Uncle Finch play?" "I'm sorry to say, no."

15. Doctor Diver, my daughter isn't right in the head. I've had lots of specialists and nurses for her and she's taken a couple of rest cures but the thing has grown too big for me and I've been strongly recommended to come to you.


Exercise 55.Lynne is meeting two clients, Ben and Patty Crawford. Ben and Patty are on holiday in London. Complete the conversation using the Present Perfect.

Lynne:How is your hotel?

Ben:Great! It's the best hotel I've ever stayed (ever/stay) in.

Patty:Yes, Ben is really pleased. He ___ (never/slept) in such a big bed before. But he won't be sopleased when we get the bill. It's also the most expensive hotel we ___ (ever/stay) in!

Lynne:___ (you/be) to London before, Ben?

Ben: No, I ___ (not/be) here before, but Patty ___ (be) a number of times. Haven't you, Patty?

Patty:That's right. But the last time was ten years ago and London ___ (change) a lot since then.

Lynne:And what are you going to do this afternoon?

Patty: Well, I ___ (never/see) Madame Tussaud's. We ___ (hear) a lot about it from friends, so we thought we'd go there.

Lynne:I see. And what about dinner tonight? I know a very good Japanese restaurant _____ (you/ever/eat) Japanese food, Patty?

Patty:No, Ihaven't. Is it good?

Lynne:It's delicious.

Ben:I ___ (not/try) Japanese food before either, so let's go there.

Patty:Yes, why not?



Exercise 56.Put the verbs in brackets in the Present Perfect tense.

1. They ___ each other yet and we worry about it. (not see)

2. Hilda ___ never ___ this sort of candies. (taste)

3. Andy ___ never ___ to Australia. (be)

4. Ray ____ two symphonies this year. (create)

5. The children ___ three games of chess today. (play)

6. ___ Mary ___ the variant in her test? (choose)

7. Alan ___ just ___.(come)

8. They ___ just ___ leaves in the yard. (shovel)

9.We ___seldom ___ them lately. (see)

10. The children ___ three times today. (eat)


Exercise 57.Translate into English.

1. Чи Ви бачили його з тих пір, як він поїхав з Чернігова? 2. Я ніколи не бачила цього чоловіка. 3. Скільки книжок ви прочитали останнім часом? 4. Він щойно пішов. 5. Я загубила ключ від квартири й тепер не можу до неї увійти. 6. Вони не прибирали квартиру вже два тижні. 7. Хтось розбив у кімнаті вікно, і тепер холодно. 8. Ти сьогодні перевіряв електронну пошту? 9. Я залишив годинник вдома і не можу тепер Вам сказати котра година. 10. Сину моєї сестри лише чотири роки, але він вже навчився читати. 11. Я ніколи про це не чула. 12. Ви вже переїхали до нової квартири? 13. Ви зробили багато помилок у диктанті. 14. В цьому місяці я прочитав три англійські книжки. 15. Я не зустрічав його останнім часом. 16. Я прийшов, щоб поговорити з вами. 17. Ви зрозуміли правило? 18. Ви читали сьогодні в газеті про наш університет?



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