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EXERCISES. Exercise 18.Add -ing to the verbs and put them in the correct boxes.

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Exercise 18.Add -ing to the verbs and put them in the correct boxes.

Talk, dive, swim, shop, lie, study, mend, write, try, take, cook, stop, sleep, die, sit

+ing -ie ð y+ing -e ð ing double consonant + ing


Exercise 19.Explain the use of the Present Continuous in the following sentences and translate them into Ukrainian.

1. My grandmother is always grumbling. 2. Watch out! The cars are moving very fast. 3. Technology is making its way into our lives. We are already making advantages of computers and Internet. 4. We are leaving for Italy tomorrow. 5. She is staying at the friend's apartment in London. 6. Brian is a trouble maker. He is constantly worrying his parents. 7. She is coming in the evening. 8. He is always interrupting people! It is so annoying! 9. That's a nice coincidence. We are going there too.

Exercise 20. Look at the picture and put the verbs in brackets into the Present Continuous.


Four people 1) ...are sitting... (sit) at a table. They are in a restaurant. They 2) ___ (have) dinner. They 3) ___ (wear) smart clothes. The man 4) ___ (wear) a suit. The parents 5) ___ (smile) at each other and they 6) ___ (talk). The children 7) ___ (listen). The girl 8) ___ (drink) some Coke. The boy 9) ___ (eat) some bread. They 10) ___ (enjoy) their meal.

Exercise 21.Put the verbs in brackets into the correct forms.

1. The puppies________ milk from the bowl now. (to drink)

2. Kate_______ everything at the moment, (to hear)

  1. Father_____ the wood now. (to chop)
  2. We____ for him at this moment, (to wait)

5. Florence______ a bath at this moment, (to have)

6. Jolly___ and_____ now. (to sit, to think)

7. Emily_____ you for this now. (to appreciate)

8. They_____ their future at the moment, (to discuss)

9. Why__ you______ at me? (to stare)

  1. The cow___ under the tree now. (to stand)
  2. Barry____ the orchestra at the moment, (to conduct)

Exercise 22.Look at the picture, then, in pairs, ask and answer questions, as in the examples.

1(Jim / wash his car)

SA: Is Jim washing his car?

SB: Yes, he is.

2 (Tom / read a newspaper)

3 (Ann / cut the grass)

4 (the children / knit)

5 (dogs / chase a cat)

6 (postman / deliver letters)

7 (Grandmother / stand by the gate)

8 (Grandfather / write a letter)

Exercise 23.Translate the following.

1. Патрік завжди хіхікає. 2. Вони розмовляють про погоду. 3. Не шуміть, вона зараз працює. 4. Дік завжди грає у карти на гроші. (for money). 6. Послухай! Ганна співає в сусідній кімнаті. Вона співає дуже гарно. 7. Ти завжди плутаєш правду з брехнею.8. Звичайно він уранці п’є чай, але сьогодні він п’є каву. 9. Моя мати ніколи не заважає мені, коли я працюю. 10. Чому ти зараз не виконуєш домашнє завдання? 11. Не заходьте в клас, зараз учні складають екзамен. 5. Не виходьте на вулицю, зараз іде дощ. Восени у Львові часто йде дощ. 12. Що ви тут робите? – Я перекладаю статтю про життя Шекспіра. 13. Я їду до Києва. 14. Повені знищують раз за разом все більше та більше врожаїв.

Exercise 24.Speak on the following situations:

1. It's nine o'clock in the evening. Tell your friend what the members of your family are doing at that mo­ment.

2. You are standing at a big railway station. Tell your friend what you can see there.

3. You are at a big department store. Describe what you can see there.

4. Tell your friend where the members of your family are at present and what they are doing.

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