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What kind of person are you? Find out by taking the Present Perfect Personality Quiz!

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Directions:Complete each question with Participle II of the correct irregular verb and answer the question for yourself.

1. Have you ever ridden a horse? (ride)

a) Yes. b) No.

2. Have you ever ______ a bone? (break)

3. Have you ever ______ a song in front of other people? (sing)

4. Have you ever ______ an airplane? (fly)

5. Have you ever ______ a fish? (catch)

6. Have you ever ______ money in a lottery? (win)

7. Have you ever ______ your homework 5 minutes before class? (do)

8. Have you ever ______ a wild animal? (feed)

9. Have you ever ______ for 24 hours? (sleep)

10. Have you ever ______ a book with more than 1000 pages? (read)

11. Have you ever ______ someone money? (lend)

12. Have you ever ______ a contest? (win)

13. Have you ever ______ with sharks? (swim)

14. Have you ever ______ hands with a famous person? (shake)

15. Have you ever ______ something that you made yourself? (sell)

16. Have you ever ______ a boyfriend/girlfriend more than 10 years older than yourself? (have)

17. Have you ever ______ you were flying? (dream)

18. Have you ever ______ faster than 100 miles per hour? (drive)

19. Have you ever ______ out of a tree? (fall)

20. Have you ever ______ a U.F.O.? (see)

21. Have you ever ______ someone a secret letter? (send)

22. Have you ever ______ a surprise party for someone? (arrange)

23. Have you ever ______ a big sum of money? (lose)

24. Have you ever ______ on the beach until you were sunburned? (lay)

25. Have you ever ______ a poem or a story about your life? (write)

26. Have you ever ______ a campfire? (light)

27. Have you ever ______ on your head? (stand)

28. Have you ever ______ farther than 5 miles? (run)

29. Have you ever ______ a tiger growl? (hear)

30. Have you ever ______ a sand castle at the beach? (build)

31. Have you ever ______ your own vegetables? (grow)

32. Have you ever ______ a picture of yourself? (draw)

33. Have you ever ______ someone your baby pictures? (show)

34. Have you ever ______ someone else's hair? (cut)

35. Have you ever ______ seriously about living in another country? (think)

Now count the number of "YES" answers and find the number below. Then read your personality description.

1 - 11 YES answers: Your thoughts and dreams are more important to you than to most people. You prefer not to take too many chances and only do things which you are sure you will succeed at. You are probably a little shy and do not want to appear foolish in front of other people. You don't like large groups of people but have a few close friends and enjoy spending time with them. You are a good student and perhaps you would be a wonderful writer, artist, or musician.

12-21 YES answers: Congratulations! You take good care of yourself and also share your gifts with other people. Sometimes you go a little crazy, but you know your limits and make wise decisions. You spend time with your friends but also enjoy quiet time for yourself. Because of your many talents, people often ask you for your opinion on their problems. You can do many things well and no challenge is too large for you. You are sure to be successful in whatever profession you choose.

22+ YES answers: Wow! You are very sure of yourself and you are probably very outgoing. You're the kind of person who is not afraid to take chances (although maybe sometimes you don't think about things enough before making a decision). You enjoy all that life has to offer and like being with people. While you really love excitement, you also know how to enjoy relaxing activities. As long as you listen to your heart and your head, there is nothing to stop you from accomplishing your dreams.




The Present Perfect Continuous Tense


She is tired. Has she been playing?

No, she hasn't.She has been studyingfor two hours.

&We form the Present Perfect Continuous with the auxiliary verb have/has, the past participle of the verb to be (been) and the main verb with the -ing suffix.

e.g. He has been readinghis newspaper for an hour.

We form questions by putting have/has before the subject.

e.g. Have youbeen livinghere long?

We form negations by putting not between have/ has and been.

e.g. They have not/haven't been waitingfor a long time. She has not/hasn't been workinghere long.


S + have has been Ving...

It has been raining for an hour.

We have been studying English since 1990.

S + have has not been Ving...

She has not been waiting long.

We have not been driving our car since Monday

Have Has (not) S + been Ving …?

Have you been standing in the rain long?

Hasn't the bell been ringing for some time?

? have has (not) S + been Ving…?

Where have they been waiting for me?

Why hasn't he been sleeping well lately?

Who What has (not) been Ving…?

Who has been playing the piano all this time in the neighbouring room?

Who has been singing so loudly since I returned home?


We use the Present Perfect Continuous for:

Ø an action which started in the past and continues up to the present.

e.g. He has beenpainting the house for three days. (He began painting the house three days ago and he is still painting it)

Ø an action which has recently finished and its result is evident now.

e.g. They're tired. They have been painting the garage door all morning. (They have just finished painting and the result is evident now. The paint on the door is still wet and the two people look tired.)

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