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Pressure groups influences

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There’s lack of any evidence provided that suggests, that there are any pressure groups which may affect Apple’s activities, and the way my promotional strategy is run, because Apple seems to comply with all current laws such as minimum wage rate and conditions in which their employees have to work. This, therefore means that it is unlikely that this factor could cause an impact upon my proposed promotional strategy for Apple’s noise-cancelling headphones.


Competitors’ influences

This is the second major factor for me and my proposed promotional strategy for Apple, because the market that I’m entering, although it’s a niche market, it’s very competitive; and there are plenty of various adverts and promotional methods used by Apple’s competitors to promote their product, which may in certain circumstances and depending on the type of product and promotion, out-compete Apple. Apple is currently not a market leader in terms of its shares on the market that can be identified from the source B. However, Apple has recently been out-competing its market leader on the software market- Microsoft, and it has recently seen big growth figures in the sales of all of the products that they currently produce. This, therefore, suggests that my proposed promotional strategy for Apple may well be effective, due to its exceptionally good image and well known brand. It also means, that with my promotional strategy Apple would be entering a slightly new, niche market of noise-cancelling headphones, where it hasn’t tried to produce anything before, and where there are other various, well established and promoted firms and brands such as Bose, Sony, Senheiser and Bang and Olufsen that are well known for producing high quality noise-cancelling headphones already. So, it might be difficult in terms of my promotional strategy to try to convince people, that Apple is no worse at producing noise-cancelling headphones than Bose, and in some cases may be even better due to its high quality, good brand image, and simplistic design. The extent to which, this will significantly influence the effectiveness of my promotional strategy, depends upon the other firms’ promotions and products available on the market at the time, when my promotional strategy is introduced. Also, although it is difficult to say how Apple’s existing competitors will react to my promotional strategy and Apple’s entry on the new market, provided that there’s no information about what type of products current Apple’s competitors on the noise-cancelling headphones market will be producing in the end of the year 2010. However, I predict, that Apple’s competitors will be worrying and trying to introduce a better product or work more on their designs of the noise-cancelling headphones, because although they might produce noise-cancelling headphones which are of a higher quality or in a way more professional, and they’re highly specialised at producing them, Apple has a brand which is better known than most of the brands and firms on the noise-cancelling headphones market, which suggests it has all chances of becoming successful on this niche market, as well as my promotional strategy of being effective at promoting new Apple noise-cancelling headhones and their brand.


Technology’ influences

This is the most important factor for Apple, because it interacts with Apple’s mission statement of ‘offering the best possible personal computing technology, and putting that technology in the hands of as many people as possible.’ Apple has always been in the Hi-tech market, and with my proposed promotional strategy, will be entering a similar market. It is very important for Apple, because not only it needs to keep up with the new technology and products being developed on the market, but making sure it’s ahead of the technological process and its competitors all the time, to make sure it saves after itself its position of the most innovative technological company in the world. In addition to this, Apple products have relatively short life cycles, which is another reason why a technological influence is so important in this case, and why my promotional strategy also needs to be up-to-date and adjusted if necessary, to make sure it is effectively encouraging demand for Apple products and their new noise-cancelling headphones proposed in my promotional strategy in particular. Therefore, the extent to which my promotional strategy and I will be affected by technological influence is great, and implies that extra attention needs to be paid to technology, and all of the new technological products available on the market, before my promotional strategy is introduced, because my promotional strategy might be, for instance, be more effective if it’s used with a new product which will have come out on the market in the end of 2010, because there might be a higher demand for this new product in the future than for noise-cancelling headphones now. However, it is very difficult to judge on this accurately, because it is very difficult to see that far in the future and make accurate forecasts and prediction of what is going to happen and how effective my promotional strategy will be in the end of the year 2010, with the given high growth rate in technology.


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