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Promotion 1

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This method of promotion will involve giving people out new Apple noise-cancelling headphones on the medium and long flights, in order to listen to the music or watch a video. There will generally be two options. The first one involves people renting the headphones on the plane for £2 per flight with an option to buy the headphones on the plane, by using cash, credit/debit card, or their Mileage Card. In this case, each customer will also be given a free £5 voucher to download music from iTunes or receive a £5 discount on the headphones. The second option is that, a chosen airline buys the headphones from me, and gives them out to the passengers on its flight for free.


This method of promotion will target those people who have a relatively long flight, and therefore, are most likely to enjoy using my product as well as find it useful to buy, as it will effectively allow them to comfortably listen to their favourite music without any air-craft noise interruption. Also, due to the fact that I will use this promotion on the medium to long term flights, the flight tickets are likely to be relatively expensive, which means my potential consumers are likely to be those people who can afford to buy my product. The main target audience for this promotion will be business people of a middle age, as well as young people, such as students. These two groups of people travel relatively frequently and are, therefore, likely to enjoy using my product- noise-cancelling headphones on their flight, because they will be made comfortable particularly for those people who are on the long flights. In terms of awareness for the product, I’m going to use a simplistic design and white colour, which according to my secondary research, people often recognise to be Apple, which will create a high brand awareness. My potential consumers may also find it convincing to buy my product, because this way they will be able to spend their air miles, without actually having to pay in cash or by a normal card, which makes it more convenient to buy.


In addition to this, in terms of originality, it is a relatively original and unique type of promotion, because it’s very rare when people on the plane are offered to rent or use a particular product, especially an electronic one. Those people on the flight, who already use some sort of headphones may actually have a chance to compare they’re currently using with mine, which should clearly outline the main advantages of my product over the ones already presented on the market. This might, as a result, improve my brand loyalty.


In order to be eligible for this type of the competition, my consumer will need a flight ticket and any form of payment, whether it’s cash, card, or mileage card. Initially, this promotion will run from the beginning of November 2009 till January 2010.


Although, this type of promotion is unlikely to be cheap, and is likely to lead to high costs in the short run, the costs of promotion can actually be reduced if my product, is not e.g. promoted on all airlines and flights, but is only targeted at particular airlines and flights, where people do actually have enough time and money as well as higher demand for the product. In addition to this, this type of promotion is relatively memorable, because it’s fairly unusual to actually give people the product to try and use for a certain period of time, especially on the plane, where it is highly likely to be used. This also makes this promotion very original, because there’s no information currently available that suggests that my competitors have ever tried to use this method. Overall, this type of promotion should be relatively memorable and cost-effectiveness can be achieved.


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