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Free samples and point of sale promotion

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This method of promotion is particularly useful for those businesses which produce food products, because people can actually try the product, and if they like it, there’s a high chance that they will buy this product. Due to the fact that this method isn’t suitable for such products as electronics, there are points of sale in some places such as shipping centers and airports where people can also try the product, e.g. try a new Playstation 3 and actually play with it. This allows showing and promoting the main features of the product as well as allowing people to try or use the product, which increases the effectiveness of such promotion and chances of people buying the product.


Using Internet






Example of Internet promotion:

The advert shown above was shown on some of the UK government websites. It is very graphical with the use of people (in my case-young girl) in the advert. It discourages young people from smoking, by emphasising that smoking is addictive and is similar to being caught as if you were a fish. It doesn’t have a lot of text, but it does inform people, that an average smoker needs over five thousand cigarettes to get cancer. The fact that the design of the advert itself is very unusual and relatively shocking, it effectively encourages people’s attention.


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