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Conclusion. To conclude, my promotional strategy will, to a certain extent, be affected by some internal and external influences and in some cases more by some of them

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To conclude, my promotional strategy will, to a certain extent, be affected by some internal and external influences and in some cases more by some of them than the others. There were some inaccuracies in my primary research, and there could have been more accurate techniques used in my work, particularly in my primary research. This was partially due to my geographical immobility and a long time that it would take me to do a more thorough research in order to get more accurate results. I believe that overall I have provided a sufficient evidence to show that my proposed promotional strategy for the new Apple noise-cancelling headphones can be very effective in various ways unlike some other methods of promotion that are currently used not only by Apple’s competitors but other firms on the market as well. However, due to an economic recession that the UK is currently experiencing, I would rather postpone the introduction of my promotional strategy until the end of 2010 and introduce it later, provided that I have undertaken further research to identify any changes in trends and demand on such niche market as noise-cancelling headphones. This would both, minimise the risk for Apple and increase the effectiveness of my promotional strategy by making sure it is introduced at the right place and at the right time.


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Rates hit historic 1%

Pound rises after Bank of England cut interest rates to lowest levels in 315-year history



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