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Social and Cultural influences

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These external influences are more likely to have a positive effect upon my business rather than negative, because according to my own knowledge and experience, there has recently been an increasing trend in the popularity of the Apple brand as well, and just to show how social and cultural factors may influence the success of Apple as a business, as well as potential success of my promotional strategy, I decided to summarise some of the main facts, which identify increasing Apple popularity and provide some data and figures about the Apple’ growing shares on various markets, and their increasing sales, obtained from the secondary research:


· Apple market share continues to climb, Windows drops.



From the information, provided above, it can, therefore, be evaluated, that such that such positive increases in the Apple’ appearance may actually have a positive impact upon my promotional strategy, because when I will be advertising Apple’s new noise-cancelling headphones it might more encouraging for people to try the new product produced by Apple due to its popularity and exceptional brand recognition, so that they will not confuse the new Apple noise-cancelling headphones with any other brand available on the market. It appears, that the only social or cultural factors that may have a negative impact upon my promotional strategy for Apple, are that there might not such a great increase for Apple’ products due to the fact that most people still use Windows, and there might be certain social groups which might prefer Apple’s products and their operational software and other social groups who will continue using Windows due to its reliability and wider variety of products that can be used with it. However, additional research should be carried out on social and cultural factors that may have an impact upon my promotional strategy.



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