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On average, long-haul passengers on the main European airlines watch on-board TV during 80 minutes

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This research figures included taking into the account all of the airlines that are currently available on the world market, involving surveying all of the long-haul flight passengers on these airlines, which means this data is relatively accurate. And if there’s a 69% probability that long-haul passengers watch an on-board movie when they’re flying, and on average they watch on-board TV during 80 minutes, this suggests that it is very likely, that the passengers will want to try the new Apple noise-cancelling headphone, which increases the chances of my method of promotion being successful.






The main weaknesses of this method of promotion are:








Secondly, I’m going to discuss all strengths and weaknesses of my second method of promotion which involves putting an advert about new Apple noise-cancelling headphones into an in-flight magazine, that can often be found in the back pockets of the seats in the airplane. The strengths and weaknesses associated with this method of promotion are actually quite similar to the ones associated with the first method of promotion, because both methods involve advertising in the airplane. However, there are also some differences, because visual and physical promotions of the product are two completely different methods.


The main strengths of using this method of promotion are:













The main weaknesses of this advert are:







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