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Work in groups. Discuss characteristics of a good and bad student (make a table) and present your ideas to the class.

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12. Write a composition «Advantages and disadvantages of student's life».


13. Make up and tell the topic «My student's life».





1. You are going to read the text about Siberian Federal University. What can the following figures present?

8 mln 3,000 41,000

2. Read and compare your ideas about the figures with the information in the text:


The Russian Federation is a state where education is accessible to everybody. Every citizen has a right to education according to the constitution of the Russian Federation. The network of schools has grown in our country. Now there are 500 higher schools. Over 8 million students study at institutes and universities.

The growing economy of our country needs specialists in all fields on science and all branches of industry. To meet these needs many of our cities were turned into educational centres. Krasnoyarsk is one of them. At the disposal of our youth there are many higher schools in Krasnoyarsk. One of the parts of the city is called «Students Township». Here on the Afontov hill the Siberian Federal University stands. It is the biggest higher school of our city. Today the Siberian Federal University is considered as one of largest education and scientific centers of Siberia and the Far East.

The Siberian Federal University was founded in 2006. The university was founded by merging 4 major Krasnoyarsk institutions of higher education. Today the University consists of 19 institutes. Besides, there are correspondence and evening departments for those, who wish to combine work with study. Our university also has the post-graduate course. About 3,000 teachers work at the university. The staff has some professors and many candidates of science.

Over 41,000 students study at the Siberian Federal University. They have good conditions for their study. The university has 22 buildings on its territory. All the university buildings have spacious classrooms, many laboratories and workshops provided with the educational equipment. The university library and reading-rooms provide students with all necessary text-books and specialized periodicals. Each institute has its own hostel. The university has sport halls, a stadium and a swimming pool.

The students of the Siberian Federal University also carry on research work. There are various students’ scientific societies for those who are interested in sciences. Moreover, amateur clubs and sport circles are at the disposal of students.

The graduates of the university actively solve all problems confronting the industry.


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