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Work in groups

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  4. Work in groups. Discuss characteristics of a good and bad student (make a table) and present your ideas to the class.
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Divide into two groups and do the following task:


a) Find the information from the Internet about Sergey Petrovich Kapitsa (about his life, family, his contribution into science, his activity on TV, etc)


/S.P. Kapitsa, the son./

b) Find additional information from the Internet about P.L. Kapitsa (when did he win the Nobel Prize and what for?).

Recommended resources:

http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pyotr_Leonidovich_Kapitsa http://www.thefutureofscience.org/veniceconference2005/speakers/kapitza_s.htm




Speaking practice

Work in groups

In your group make a brief report about: a/ S. Kapitsa; b/ P. Kapitsa and then be ready to retell it to the class.



Do Grammar tests (Past Simple Tense)

Write a composition about yourself: What did you do yesterday or what happened yesterday?

Be ready for revision test.

Grammar tests for self-study.


Lesson 2

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