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Lesson 4. I.Check the meaning of unknown words relating to holidays, customs and traditions of the country

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I.Check the meaning of unknown words relating to holidays, customs and traditions of the country. Make up sentences with them.

customs and traditions decorate
public /private holidays celebrate
day off from work give/receive presents
shops and factories close greeting cards
family holiday visit friends and relatives
party festive dinner
invite fun


II.Match the names of holidays in English speaking countries with the dates they are on and the symbols of these holidays.

holiday date symbol
Halloween 25th of December coloured eggs
Easter 26th of December sweethearts
Christmas Day 14th of February pumpkins
Valentine’s Day March boxes with presents
Boxing Day 31st of October stockings for presents


III. There are words denoting holidays of different countries in this word search below. Find them. The words begin with these letters.

They go across and down What countries are they celebrated in?

I________ Ch____ W_____
V_______ H_____ E______
Th______ N_____ K______

l c y p n v r t m s h k j u
t v c h r i s t m a s f z a
h m c a q c s x i r p q g b
a w r l t t p s d f g h j k
n z x l c o v b n m k x q k
k w s o x r z e t w o m e n
s p z w x y x a h g j f k o
g v t e z j m s d b y p m w
i t b e r q z t x b d v w l
v q i n d e p e n d e n c e
i m n b v c x r z s d f g d
n e w y e a r q w r t y p g
g l k j h g r n m q x z w e


Writing practice

I.Here are things that people say or write at certain holidays. Match a line in A with a line in B


Merry Christmas! Thank you very much.
Congratulations! Cheers!
Pumpkins and candles witches and bats decorations for handles and tall pointy hats It's nice to have a friend like you. I'll tell you what I'm going to do. Because you make me feel so fine, I'll take you for my valentine!
Happy New Year! Trick or Treat!
Ours love will pass all tests It's too early for the rest! You and me, we both together Will be glad for any weather! A health to you, A wealth to you, And the best that life can give to you.

II.Choose a holiday and write a greeting card to your friend.


I.Put sentences describing holidays in the correct order and describe the way you celebrate your favourite holidays.

______People give presents to their relatives and friends.

______They organise a party to celebrate their favourite holiday.

______All the guests go for a walk together.

______They write cards and invite their friends to the holiday.

______They prepare a festive dinner.

______They decorate the house for the holiday.

______Relatives and friends visit the party.

______They enjoy the party. They have fun together.

II. Describe your favourite holiday to your friend using the vocabulary of the section. Use the following questions:

Is it a public or private holiday?

Is it national or international holiday?

When do you celebrate it?

How do you prepare for the holiday?

How do you celebrate it?

Are there any customs and traditions connected with the holiday?

What are they?

Why is it your favourite holiday?


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