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VIII. Complete the sentences with the words from the box. 1. The Human rights Act makes it_____ for “public authorities” to act in a way that conflicts with Convention rights.

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  1. Complete the collocates below by adding an appropriate noun. Some can combine with more than one noun.
  2. Complete the sentences using can or (be) able to. Use can if possible; otherwise use (be) able to.
  3. Complete this memo with the words given below. Translate it into Russian.
  4. Fill in the correct word derived from the words at the end of the sentence.
  5. I. Read the list of adjectives below and find the pairs of opposite words.
  6. I. Read the text once again and find in the text the English equivalents of the following Russian words. Make up your own sentences with these words.
  7. I. Suggest English equivalents of the following expressions and use them in your own sentences based on the text.
1. appalling; 2. breaches; 3. a criminal offence; 4. unanimously; 5. unlawful; 6. observe; 7. applications; 8. arbitrary killing; 9. deliberate; 10. incite; 11. discrimination.



1. The Human rights Act makes it_____ for “public authorities” to act in a way that conflicts with Convention rights.

2. We do not live in some parts of the world in daily fear of the ____ of human rights that are routine in some countries.

3. Those who bring cases to the European Court make ____ to the court for findings that they have suffered a violation of their rights.

4. It is intended to prevent ____by State authorities without due process of law.

5. Torture means ____inhuman treatment causing very serious and cruel suffering.

6. This means that people must be entitled to ____their religion openly.

7. The court decided ____ that the right had been violated.

8. This Article does not give anyone the right to ____crime or encourage racial hatred or disorder.

9. The struggle against ____ has been central to the whole human rights movement.

10. No one should be held guilty of____ if his action was not a criminal offence at the time when he did it.


IX. Fill in the gaps with the appropriate prepositions from the box.

of, on, out, on, of, by, up, out, to, extremely, by, wherever, to, indeed, with, by, due, as, which, merely, for.

1. Every Act of Parliament has a preamble, or introductory paragraph, which sets ____ its aims.

2. Only time will tell who is right but the Act has been welcomed ____ the overwhelming majority of judges, lawyers and commentators.

3. The first task of the Council of Europe was to draw ____ a set of universal human rights.

4. This was because for many years we clung ____ the belief that it was____our own Parliament to protect our rights.

5. That could be ____ expensive and take years but now Article 13 of the Convention provides that ____ it is claimed that rights and freedoms have been violated, those who suffered are entitled ____ an “effective remedy”.

6. ____ citizens of the UK we like to think that ____ comparison ____ thosewho lived some parts of the world we are ____ fortunate.

7. He stressed the importance of not treating the Convention ____ as a foreign importation, but of seeing it in the context of English common law, to ____ many fundamental freedoms “are not strangers”.

8. This article is intended to prevent arbitrary killing____ State authorities without ____ process of law.

9. It imposes duties____anyone carrying ____ an arrest that the person detained shall be informed ____ the reasons ____his arrest.

10. No one shall be held guilty ____ any criminal offence____account of any act or omission which didn’t constitute a criminal offence at the time when it was committed.


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