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I. Упражнения на перевод словосочетаний на русский и английский язык.

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Упражнение № 1. Оформление высказывания на английском. Переведите и за помните.

The report (survey) says, according to extracts from a secret document, alternatively (on the one hand, on the other hand), NATO said, the Defense Department said, a government report says, said an economist with the Ministry of Finance, group of experts, Interfax said, Reuters reports, analysts believe that, the Chairman of the Board (of directors) was quoted as saying, the Company spokesman told reporters, experts believe that, Deputy Prime Minister announced, he was quoted by Reuters as saying that...; analysts predict, a space official told journalists, a relief worker/official[8] added, said a border guard spokesman, the Secretary told a regular news briefing, US Embassy press attaché said, a news agency reported, German police announced, the Pentagon concluded of the incident, the Presidential spokesman stressed.

Remember: spokesman — пресс - секретарь / атташе; speaker — спикер (парла мента).

NB! увеличить(ся)/уменьшить(ся) на — by/zero preposition! the shares rose 97.00 points; sales leapt 62%; the index fell 87.45 to ...; shares climbed nearly 3%; unemployment fell by 37,000 or 1.2%;

увеличить(ся)/уменьшить(ся) до — to ...! to go up to (reach, total smth, amount to/to fall to, go down to ...); the budget expenditures rose to (amounted to) 3.1% of the GDP; the foreign trade deficit went down to 1.2%.

Упражнение № 2. Общеполитическая лексика. Запишите под диктовку, ис пользуя УПС.

Russian-US relations, bilateral body, to further cooperation in economic and technological spheres, Head (Managing Director) of International Monetary Fund, change of the basic course, international conference on nuclear security, the Group of eight industrialized nations, early presidential elections, addressing the party congress, spokesman for the State Duma, to run for the Democratic Party, to declare his candidacy, campaign headquarters, Chief of Staff, democratic organisations, political spectrum of the country; President accepted the resignation, Foreign Minister offered (to resign) step down, Head of State signed a decree on..., Deputy Home Minister was dismissed, vote of no confidence (confidence vote), government spokesman said, political and economic crisis, the Duma voted (against/in favour of...), new opinion polls show, the opposition coalition, to make big gains over the Labour government, Democratic landslide, in recent parliamentary elections, saving the country from catastrophe, a bloodless coup d’état, ouster of the civilian government by the military, to return to constitutional rule, denied accusations, all-party peace talks (on Northern Ireland).

Упражнение № 3. Macroeconomics. Запишите при помощи УПС под диктовку.

New economic team, slowdown in the pace of reforms, in charge of economic policy, Chairman of the State Property Committee, stabilization is underway already, galloping inflation, was quoted as saying, to create new jobs and yield profits, "golden mean" (золотая се редина), state ownership, has a right to exist, to carry out economic reforms, pre-tax profits have doubled, to attract foreign investors, productions rose by 11%, to issue new shares, shareholders meeting was held, the company was being audited, government has asked for new grain credit, Export-Import Bank granted new loans to..., talks were suspended, privatization plans, to offer a 12.5% stake in the huge company, growth rate average over 8%, investments poured into the country, industrialization was going ahead, government was forced to cut expenditures, a crash on stock exchange, high interest rates, dumping prices, low economic growth, gross domestic product (GDP) fell by 3.7%,macroeconomics indicators.

Упражнение № 4. Macroeconomics.

Trade surplus, trade deficit, exports rose 3% and imports slipped 6%, informal trade (shuttles) accounts for a significant part of overall trade; a 40% stake in a company, privatisation programme, tender results, emerging markets, stock exchange, capital flight, capital market, exports have nearly doubled, there is a long way to go, signed a contract, natural gas supplies, to close a deal, economic and trade relations between both states, complete liberalization of trade, customs clearing, to carry out transactions, to maintain close contacts, to introduce new currency, tough monetary policy, money supply, to close a deal.

Упражнение № 5. Economy and Finance.

IMF has delayed payments, low tax revenues, to put the economy on track, to develop oil field, production-sharing agreement, foreign partners, industrial output, to set up a new company, economic stagnation, economic slump, economic recovery, blue chip companies ("blue chips"), to announce lower electricity tariffs, economic growth, competitiveness, to increase bilateral trade, trade turnover, consumer goods, dumping low quality products, arms exports, to gain a foothold in the country's vast market, "natural resources appendage," China's GDP grew by 10%, several major JVs got off the ground (were launched); to help build nuclear power plant, hydropower station.

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